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Playlist 19/04/06

1. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 Stillness [A&M ]
2. Art Van Damme & Singers Unlimited We Could Be Flying [BASF/MPS ]
3. Gap Mangione Pond With Swans [Mercury ]
4. Esther Phillips That's All Right With Me [Kudu ]
5. The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Country Preacher [Capitol ]
6. Linda Tillery Freedom Time [Olivia Records ]
7. Michel Sardaby Welcome New Warmth [SoulJazz ]
8. Gary Bartz Ntu Troop Celestial Blues [Milestone ]
9. Yusef Lateef Like It Is [Atlantic ]
10. Return To Forever Return To Forever [ECM ]
11. Daisuke Tanabe's Wonderful World Of Electronica Duke Of Harringay Toast For Hardy [Spymania ]
12. Andrew Pekler First Snow Last Year [~scape ]
13. Isotope 217 La Jetee [Thrill Jockey ]
14. Rhythm & Sound Dem Never Know [Burial Mix ]
15. Urban Tribe Decades Of Silicon [MoWax ]
16. Nobukazu Takemura For Tomorrow/Out-of-Phase Mix [Idyllic ]
17. Mouse On Mars Dark F.X. Drykorn [Too Pure ]
18. He Can Jog June (That Is When The Smaller Sparrow Began To Cantilate) [Audiobulb ]
19. Alpha Over [Virgin ]
20. Daisuke Tanabe Fog [Fluid Ounce ]
21. El Chicano Quiet Village [Kapp ]
22. KRAFTWERK Ananas Symphonie [Philips ]
23. Tangerine Dream Ricochet Part 2 [Virgin ]
24. Masa Collective Love Is Everywhere feat. Val Etienne & Rob Gallagher [Especial ]
25. Pharoah Sanders Love Is Everywhere [ABC Records ]

this time we go on a journey into the wonderful world of electronica and beyond with a mixtape by daisuke tanabe out of london. the man with that extraordinary feeling for sounds and beats got discovered at tony nwachukus CDR night in london, then signed by fluid ounce for a 12inch, now lets see what the future will bring. definately a name to watch out for! arigato for that mix, mr. tanabe! out of my box a more quiet version of soulsearching. diggin in the jazz & soul classics section, loads of tunes that i have been playin on heavily rotation many years ago and now listened again and introducing to your ears, hope you like it. next week some new bits & pieces plus more the uptempo boogie side of things plus a fantastic mix which i have been waitin for since almost 2 years now - yam who? exclusively for soulsearching.

happy easter!


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