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Playlist 12/09/14

1. Adam & Kizzie - What You Can't See [Ropeadope]
2. The Reboot Joy Confession - The Miraculous [--]
3. Guts - We Are All Africans [Heavenly Sweetness]
4. Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark - No Pity Party [Delicious Vinyl]
5. Homeboy Sandman - Heaven Too [Stones Throw]
6. Elusive - Forbidden Fruit [Alpha Pup]
7. Flofilz feat 12vince - Rooftops [Melting Pot]
8. King Klave feat Javi Santiago - Float [--]
9. Boogaloo Assassins - Magic Rose [Fania]
10. (U)nity feat Pedrito Martinez & Lauren Desburg - Aggayu [--]
11. Louie Vega feat Axel Tosca - Sunlight [Vega]
12. Kai Alce - Spring (KZR Main) [Kolour]
13. Brett Dancer - Hybrid [NDATL]
14. Tito Wun - The Way You Do It (Jacques Renault Edit) [Defected]
15. Groove Armada - Love Lights the Underground [Om]
16. Claude - Bip Bap [Musique Large]
17. Torben - Axel Fick & Obel Wichs [Oye]
18. Thatmanmonkz - Remember (Glenn Astro's Reminisce) [Kolour]
19. Clap Clap - Conqueror (Remorse/Withdrawn) [Black Acre]
20. Swindle - Walter's Call [Brownswood]
21. Elizabeth Shepherd - On Our Way [Linus]
22. Benjamin Herman feat Daniel von Piekartz - A Slow Hot Wind [Dox]
23. Bing Ji Ling - Twilight [--]
24. Awon & Kameleon Beats - I Need Your Love [Soul Students]
25. Mark Guiliana's Beat Music - Hunter Thompson is Watching [--]
26. Thhomas - Cold (Cold House Remix) [Moontown]

Bing Ji Ling does Maze, Benjamin Herman does Mancini, Fulgeance has a new collab as Claude, Swindle goes even more jazz for Brownswood, Melbourne (not Canberra!) music from Thhomas and we join the dots from Louie Vega to Axel Tosca to (U)nity to King Klave. Also new Fania, Homeboy Sandman, Clap Clap, Mark Guiliana and Slimkid3 from Pharcyde.

Stylin' broadcasts live each Friday on Australia's best known community station, 3RRR-FM Melbourne.

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