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Playlist 29/11/13

1. Osage - When a Fire Starts to Burn (The Re-Fire) [-- (free download)]
2. Patchworks feat Sabba G - Give My Love [EDR]
3. Koffie - Eh Lady (Umoja Remix) [Dox (free download)]
4. Mitch Frohman - Accents Con Ritmo [Truth Revolution]
5. Les Descendants - Truth About Techno [GMI]
6. Bryan Zentz - Up the Heat [Rotation]
7. 7th Gate - Gravitation [Rotation]
8. Guido feat Emma-Lou - Green-Eyed Monster [Tectonic]
9. Tigran Hamasyan - Road Song (LV Remix) [Decca]
10. Fatima - La Neta [Eglo]
11. MED, Blu & Madlib feat Mayer Hawthorne - The Buzz [Bang Ya Head]
12. Daniel Crawford - Together We Stand [Beats for Change]
13. Khari Mateen - Fall's End [The Lunchroom]
15. Chico Hamilton Quintet - Speak Low [Warner Bros]
16. Chico Hamilton Quintet - A Rose for Booker [Columbia]
17. Chico Hamilton Quintet - Homeward [Columbia]
18. Chico Hamilton - For Mods Only [Impulse]
19. Chico Hamilton - Swampy [Impulse]
20. Chico Hamilton - V-O [Blue Note]
21. Chico Hamilton - Abdullah and Abraham [Blue Note]
22. Chico Hamilton - The Baron [Mercury]
23. Chico Hamilton - Bone Cello [Koch]
24. Fertile Ground - Simple Timeless [Joyous Shout]
25. Chico Hamilton - Lu Tu [Joyous Shout]


(Apologies if you're looking for Stylin' 616. My audio was glitchy but it still sounds good at http://ondemand.rrr.org.au/grid/20131122120325.)

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