Lanu drops a freestyle selection blurring boundaries between Jazz, Hip hop, Latin, Drum & Bass, Afro-Beat, Soul, House, Funk, Broken Beat and Boogie.

Playlist 19/04/06

1. J Davey No More [cdr]
2. Rasiyah Untitled (My Love) [Antipodean]
3. Bilal Get Out Of My Hair [cdr]
4. Madlib Pyramids (Change) [Stones Throw]
5. Jaguar Wright Free (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix) [white]
6. Surra Set it Off [cdr]
7. Brandy Baby Baby (Souse Re-Edit) [Souse]
8. Seiji Rubbish [Disco Dimensions]
9. Delgui feat.Colonel Red Let That Sound Out (Gerd Remix) [4Lux]
10. Stockholm Cyclo VSOP (Beatfanatic Edit) [Soundscape]
11. Prince Black Sweat [Sony/BMG]
12. The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy Music & Politics [4th & Broadway]

This Fortnight: Some incredible 21st century soul cuts from J Davey, Bilal & Rasiyah

(12” out on MdCL’s Antipodean imprint this month)…Madlib flips The Doobie Brothers

‘Rio’ for his ‘Movie Scenes Vol 1& 2’ Instrumental LP…Recent Australian visitor Seiji

gets down on the deep disco/boogie flavour (‘Rubbish’ – it ain’t!) Heavy West London

broken bizness from Jaguar Wright (MdCL remix) and Delgui feat. Colonel Red + cdr pressure from Surra. Beatfanatic flips Stockholm Cyclo in a Jazz-dance style & Prince

brings ‘Black Sweat’ (“3121” album out now on Sony/BMG)


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