Manchester, UK... A heavy hip hop beat is laid down... Rhythm and sound, past and present... We build on the funk & soul that surrounds us all.

Playlist 19/04/06

1. Surrounded By Idiots ft Pharrell Big white spaceship (Raw re-cut re-edit) [ Rawshots]
2. Tuff Love Take you there [ Soulclap]
3. Mark Ronson ft Alex Greenwald Just [ BBE]
4. The Visioneers ft Capitol A Funk Box [ BBE]
5. Jazzanove ft Capitol A The one tet (DJ DSL remix) [ JCR]
6. Red Astaire Feel the horns blow [ Homegrown]
7. Blackalicious Aural pleasure [ MCA]
8. Nomo Moving in circles [ Kindred spirits]
9. Pete Kuzma ft Bilal High and dry [ BBE]
10. D'Angelo Spanish joint [ promo]
11. Bajka Loves senerity [ Jazzman]

Some amazing tracks have been coming out over the past few weeks so I have rounded up some of the best and turned them into a show! Listen out for the mind blowing Radiohead cover versions from Pete kuzma & Mark Ronson, what these boys have done to this band is incredible. We have heavy new tracks from Red Astaire, Marc Mac and Bajka, then some fine sunshine classics from DJ Cam and D'Angelo... Quality tunage all round. Enjoy


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