The dance floor tracks you hear on "Spank Da Bass" are going to contain that sub sonic element, but it's the other kooky left field things that will amaze and stun you...

Playlist 9/04/06

1. transformer man ravers return [bassrock records]
2. cut & run no good [cut & run]
3. cut & run pink [cut & run]
4. cut & run horny disco balls [cut & run]
5. ivory the wolf CTL Z mix [rat records]
6. king of the jungle charge [suburban base]
7. makossa vs megablast kummaka [g stone]
8. zero db know what i say'n [ zero db]
9. spank rock top bill'n [big dada]
10. ying yang twins shake/express 2 mix [tvt records]
11. studio r clapz [sonar kollektiv]
12. FSOL we have explosive [earth beat]

In this edition of "Spank Da Bass" its full steam ahead with the heavy rollers from "Transformer Man", "Rat Records" and the "Cut & Run" crew, these boys are at the for front of the tuff stuff.. In breaks..its gunna make ya wanna make ya turn ya lounge into a moshpit !
"The Wolf" by "Ivory" makes "The Prodigy" look like a play school sing along..
it get everyone nodding & boop'n .. and howling the end of the track!!!

Then we hit a bit of crunk/ house heavy bass style-e with the one the only "Spank Rock"..and pretty cool remix of "Ying Yang Twins" by "Express 2" plus a new cut from "Studio R"..
Its all banging..!!
If this don't wanna make ya spank someone's mama' nothing will?

Turn it up loud and spank the bass!!


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