Lanu drops a freestyle selection blurring boundaries between Jazz, Hip hop, Latin, Drum & Bass, Afro-Beat, Soul, House, Funk, Broken Beat and Boogie.

Playlist 5/04/06

1. Fire Eater The Bamboos
2. In The Bamboo Grove The Bamboos
3. Blackfoot The Bamboos
4. Tobago Strut The Bamboos
5. Get Me A Job The Bamboos
6. You’re Losin’ Me The Bamboos
7. Orange Peel The Bamboos
8. Honky Tonk Popcorn The Bamboos
9. Eel Oil The Bamboos
10. Tighten Up The Bamboos

The Bamboos live @ The Persian Garden in Adelaide. Recorded on the second night of a two-night Bamboos engagement @ The Adelaide Festival in March, the gig also features guest vocalist Siobhan Ormandy. The Bamboos keep the intensity level high as they burn through tracks from the ‘Step it Up’ LP (Tru Thoughts/Ubiquity) and a selection of classic Old-School Breaks.
With his many commitments we are constantly surprised that Lanu finds time to do a regular radio show. Experience here one of his many projects as front man for The Bamboos live at the Adelaide Arts Festival.

Back to the Future style.


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