Manchester, UK... A heavy hip hop beat is laid down... Rhythm and sound, past and present... We build on the funk & soul that surrounds us all.

Playlist 5/04/06

1. Erogenous anyway you want it [Soundbird]
2. Donald Byrd Wind Parade [BBE]
3. Spread Love Hear I go [Beams]
4. Lonnie Hewitt Ready to Live [Wee Records]
5. Marvin Gaye It's a desperate situation [BBE]
6. Energetic You make me nothing [Perfect Toy]
7. Milton Hamilton Poinciana [Discomania]
8. Charles Erland Mercy [Columbia]
9. Rick James Mary Jane [BBE]
10. Rene and Angela I love you more [Capitol]
11. Nice and Nasty 3 The ultimate rap [Soul Jazz]
12. Larry McGee Revolution The burg [/Liquorice Soul]
13. Ingram Would you be surprised [HL Recordings]
14. R.Js Latest Arrival Ultimate Masterpiece [BMI]
15. Esther Williams I'll be your pleasure [BBE]
16. Frankie Kelly Aint that the truth [Ten Records]
17. Frontline Orchestra Don't turn your back [BBE]
18. Marcia Hines /You gotta let go [Wizard]
19. Bettye Swann Kiss my love goodbye [Atlantic]
20. Major Lance /Are you leaving me? [Kat Family]
21. Freda Payne Master of Love [Capitol]

A celebration of soul this time round featuring fellow Hoodlumtribe cohort, Jeff Hoodlum. We've been digging deep in our collections for this one, unearthing organic soul cuts from Marcia Hines, Rene & Angela, Rick James, Marvin Gaye and Erogenous. Normal service will be resumed next week, until then, enjoy the show.


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