Michael with a nice'n'easy selection in the first hour and Earwigs shreddit to the edit mix in part 2 of the show!

Playlist 29/10/11

soulsearching #651
2. Peaking Lights Hey Sparrow [Not Not Music]
3. Jonti Batmilk [Stones Throw]
4. Incognito Out Of The Storm (Carl Craigs Planet E Remix) [Talkin Loud]
5. Rainer Trueby Welcome To Our World [Compost Black ]
6. Mr Scruff Bounce [Ninja Tune]
7. Dirg Gerner Rubies & Diamonds feat. Fatima [HoTep]
8. Soia Obtaining [Promo]
9. José James Trouble (Oh No Remix) [Promo]
10. Mike And The Censations There's Nothing I Can Do About It [Luv'n'Haight]
11. Gene Chandler Does She Have A Friend (For Me) [MoS]
12. Sylvia Lay It On Me [Vibration]
13. Sugarhill Gang Passion Play [Sugarhill]
14. Sylvia Sweet Stuff [Vibration]
EARWIG / SHOES shreddit to the edit mixtape
16. Earwig Fizzy Bist [Plimsoll Test]
17. Kompleks Lorraine [Plimsoll]
18. Maxmillion Dunbar Wouldn't Matter [Ramp]
19. Ray Baretto El Bantu (Edit) [Fania]
20. Skull Snaps It's A New Day (Edit) [Ten Twelve]
21. Earwig Don't Boogie [Plimsoll Test]
22. Universal Robot Band Dance and Shake Your Tambourine [P & P]
23. Stereo 77 El Camino [Plimsoll Test]
24. Pedders Hunkuri [GAMM]
25. Jakki Sun...Sun...Sun... (Walter Gibbons Edit) [Strut]
26. MR Keep Her Happy Earwig Extendo Dub [Plimsoll Test]
27. Earwig Funky For You [Plimoll Test]
28. Los Riberenos Silbando GRC (Remix) [Electric Cowbell]
29. Kompleks Wheel of Life [Plimsoll]
30. Los Superiores Descarga Superior [Soundway]
31. Warp Afrobeat Remix Project #1 [White]
33. Peaking Lights All The Sun That Shines [Not Not Fun]
34. Ben Sun When You Looked [Fingertips]
35. NYCC I'll Keep A Light In My Window (Scratch'n'Sniff Disco Edit) [White]


keeping it nice 'n' easy for the first hour this weeks soulsearching comes soulful with newies by the likes of José James, brandnew hot project Soia out of vienna, Jonti from Australia, Dirg Gerner feat. Fatima, the wonderful Peaking Lights out of Wisconsin, a brilliant song by Mike James Kirkland before his "keep it up" breakthrough as rereleased by Luv'n'Haight and of course a little R.I.P. for Sylvia Robinson.

then straight into a mix which i held back a while to include it in this show, 14 years of soulsearching by the way.
a very nice exclusive done by Earwig / Shoes out of Florida. loads of edits in there - and also if you can't hear the word edit anymore you need to check out the few good ones around, like always the ones by Earwig or the Shoes crew on Plimsoil Vinyl. Including two edits that will see the light of day in fall 2011 now, the Ricanstruction EP by Stereo 77 and MRs Keep Her Happy 12inch. Thanks a lot J.H. ! ! !

next week we'll have an inspiration mix by Makossa & Megablast featuring OG Spiritual Goddess.

enjoy the music.


ps: this show has been produced beginning of October already . . . delayed onlining now.


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