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Playlist 7/10/11 with Underground Resistance

1. Timeline - Return of the Dragons [Underground Resistance]
2. Mad Mike - Alpha UR-040 [Submerge]
3. UR - Rainbows Over Paradise (The Rain) [Underground Resistance]
4. Atlantis - Words from Atlantis [Underground Resistance]
5. Underground Resistance - Transition [Underground Resistance]
6. Funkadelic - One Nation Under a Groove [Warner Bros]
7. George Clinton - Man's Best Friend [Capitol]
8. Sweat Band - Freak to Freak [Uncle Jam]
9. George Clinton - Atomic Dog (Instrumental) [Capitol]
10. The Martians and Starchild - Starchild [Red Planet]
11. Members of the House - Share this House [10]
12. X-102 - Xanadu [Tresor]
13. Mad Mike - Hi-Tech Dreams [Underground Resistance]
14. Underground Resistance - The Theory (Mind Mix) [Underground Resistance]
15. X-102 - Tethys [Tresor]
16. Drexciya - Wavejumper [Underground Resistance]
17. The Aquanauts - Relentless (Xpect no Mercy Mix) [Underground Resistance]
18. Los Hermanos - Galaxy Traveler [Submerge]
19. Underground Resistance - Amazon [Underground Resistance]
20. Final Cut - Now to that's Funky [Full Effect]
21. Underground Resistance - Eye of the Storm [Underground Resistance]
22. Esteban Adame - Aztlan Reclaimed [Ican]
23. Ican - Caminos del Niño [Ican]
24. Thee Midniters - The Town I Live In [Rhino]
25. Ican - A Quien [Planet E]
26. Mantronix - Bassline (Instrumental) [Sleeping Bag]
27. War - Galaxy [MCA]
28. The Aztec Mystic - Jaguar [Underground Resistance]
29. DJ Skurge - k@r3ir (54m4r174n h4x0r) [Underground Resistance]
30. DJ Skurge - Slide Skate [Underground Resistance]
31. DJ Skurge feat Juan Atkins - Turn the Knob (demo) [Underground Resistance]
32. Waajeed - Tron [Bling 47]
33. Waajeed - Tetris [Scion A/V]
34. P-Gruv & DJ Dez - Grind [Hipnotech]
35. UR - Codebreaker (Side A) [Underground Resistance]
36. The Martian - Meet the Red Planet [Red Planet]
37. UR - Ma Ya Ya [Underground Resistance]
38. Timeline - The Ghost of Greystone [Underground Resistance]


Two-hour UR special dedicated to the Detroit techno crew with Mad Mike Banks, Milton Baldwin aka DJ Skurge, Esteban Adame (Ican/El Coyote) and Cornelius Harris aka Atlantis joining me in the studio for an extended interview. We touch on topics including pre-UR days with Jeff Mills, the P-Funk connection, Submerge, the UR 'boot camp', industry rule #4080, latin music and the forthcoming UR/Waajeed collab Electric Street Orchestra. We also get to preview new tunes from the crew: Esteban Adame, Timeline and DJ Skurge feat Juan Atkins.

Stylin' broadcasts live each Friday on Australia's best known community station, 3RRR-FM Melbourne.

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