Michael with Rainer Trueby and a WWF´11 rewind plus Fonce Mizell R.I.P. - a star borne tribute!


back from the beach, worldwide festival 2011 in sète has been great, a little rewind in this weeks show wih rainer trueby on the mic as well, thanks to gilles p and all organizers of what has to be one the best festivals in the world. shouts to everyone i met down there in the sunshine, you know who you are ! see you again next year! space mobile travels 2012.

and another r.i.p. tribute mix had to be done, i said it before - i am not really lookin forward to doing these selections because that always means that a great artist has left the earth - fonce mizell died july 5th in california and left us with some of the most positive vibes in jazz and soul music. together with his brother larry mizell he brought the soul to jazzmusic and created a very own sound which has been highly influential ever since to many of the musicians played on this show week by week. the mizell trademark sound and productions added this special flavour to the outstanding music by the likes of donald byrd, rance allen group, bobbi humphrey, l.t.d. and of course johnny hammond to name but a few, who had the chance to work with with fonce mizell and get that magic touch within their albums. here is a little selection of tunes that i love and which always bring a smile to my face and ears. thanks a lot for this, mr. mizell and your music and visions were made for heaven anyway . . . goodbye and rest in peace.

enjoy the music.


mixtapes and words & music specials incoming:
Seun Kuti, Nicola Conte, Sirius & Methodikal (Sofia/Bulgaria), Earwig, Little Dragon, Cosmic Boogie, Marie Baumann, Broken Reform, Zara McFarlane, Ben Westbeech ....


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