Just back from o/s. DJ Dreck is responsible for the local little Monday Dub sessions down at Horse Bazaar as well as being one of the organisers of the chill festival, Submerge.

Playlist Dj Dreck

1. jerry abstract drunk
2. holz splitter
3. holz axt
4. jerry abstract grittin'
5. holz brett
6. holz bollerwagen
7. phon.o aufschwung ost
8. phon.o ridin' dirty
9. subhead fast gear
10. james t.cotton the dancing box
11. magnum 38 alligator
12. audion the pong
13. audion kisses
14. modeselektor kill bill vol.4
15. audion taut

Dj Dreck (aka Brian May) spent the last year in Berlin and discovered how the locals stay warm during the punishing winters there. Copious anmounts of Glühwein (mulled wine), and non stop partying in bunker-like clubs. During this apprentiship, he whiled away the hours hanging out with the Shitkatapult, Meteosound, Laboratory Instinct, Team Shadetek and Timeblind peoples, getting slowly infected with their special brand of tongue in cheek extreme elektro-swing-glamrock 'n' rolling grimy, techno (for want of a better description). In an attempt to make sense of the garbled memories, here's the bratwurst on the barbie interpretation, with some American Spectral cousins thrown in to keep the Deutscher Amerikaner Freundschäft alive.


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