Manchester, UK... A heavy hip hop beat is laid down... Rhythm and sound, past and present... We build on the funk & soul that surrounds us all.

Playlist 22/03/06

1. 3 Canal ft la Coret Oye como va [Stimulus Records ]
2. Ann Peebles I'm gonna tear your playhouse down [Harmless ]
3. Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators Holdin on [Timmion ]
4. Andre Orefjard I'll do that (Andre remix) [Raw Fusion ]
5. Hearin Aid ft Tony Clifton Higher [Jugglin ]
6. Hotel lyssa Soussie Sabu Martinez [Mr Bongo ]
7. Bo Baral No time to wallow in the myrrh [Perfect Toy ]
8. Homecut Directive Come the revolution (instrumental edit) [First Word ]
9. Fire Department Track 19 [Harmless ]
10. Homecut Directive ft Corrine Bailey Rae Come the Revolution (acapella ) [First Word ]
11. Freddie Cruger Bap yo head (instrumental) [ Jugglin]
12. Forss Using splashes [ Sonar Kollektiv ]
13. Hearin Aid Wachuwant [Jugglin ]
14. Kitty Winter Feel it [Groove Attack ]
15. Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators Feelin free [Timmion ]
16. Made in USA Shake your body Yam Who edit [white ]
17. Sexual Chocolate Theme [CD - R ]

Some heavy re edits, twisted hip hop and suite soul sounds for this weeks show. A little bit of everything really. Don’t forget to go down to the Straight Up Sessions on 2nd April! So until next time…


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