Michael is back with new bits and pieces from all over the world and an exclusive Erdbeerschnitzel showcase!

Playlist 19/01/11

soulsearching #632
2. James Blake Williams Scream [Atlas]
3. Jamie Woon Blue Truth [Candent Songs]
4. Richard Spevans Zeebra III [Jazz Refreshed]
5. Space Invadas Way We Feel [BBE]
6. Wildcookie Come Closer [Tru Thoughts]
7. Ghostpoet Longing For The Night [Brownswood]
8. Wildcookie Jackson Miles [Tru Thoughts]
9. Space Invadas Closer [BBE]
10. Arthur's Landing Love Dancing [Strut]
11. Prommer & Barck Sleeping Beauty [Derwin Promo]
12. Joash Salome [Compost]
ERDBEERSCHNITZEL's soulsearching showcase
14. Erdbeerschnitzel Tonight Is Today Is Tomorrow (Live Version) [3rd Strike]
15. Erdbeerschnitzel Untitled [Unreleased]
16. Erdbeerschnitzel 360 [4Lux]
17. Erdbeerschnitzel Untitled [Unreleased]
18. Erdbeerschnitzel To An End [Mirau]
19. Erdbeerschnitzel Untitled [Unreleased]
20. Erdbeerschnitzel The Edit [White]
21. Roman Rauch Bio Rythm (Erdbeerschnitzel Remix) [White]
23. Tom Trago Lost In The Streets Of NYC (FS Green Remix) [Rush Hour]
24. Debruit Nigeria What? [Civil Music]
25. Owiney Sigoma Band Wires [Brownswood Promo]
26. K.I.D. Hupendi Muziki Wangu [SAM Records]
27. Teena Marie Square Biz [Motown]
28. Teena Marie Portuguese Love [Motown]
29. Joash Salome (Orchestral Version) [Compost ]


London. Sydney. Stockholm. Berlin. Munich. New York. Paris. Amsterdam. Mainz. Los Angeles. Nairobi. Frankfurt - that's where it's comin from this week here out of the soulsearching studio ffm. new bits, oldschool goodies, a r.i.p. tribute to the great late Teena Marie plus an extraspecial showcase mix by erdbeerschnitzel. thanks, tim ! my kinda housemusic. tonight is today is tomorrow.

enjoy the music.



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