Michael introducing a new series called the roadtrip editions, first stop: Fat Freddys Drop words & music!

Playlist 20/09/10

soulsearching #623
2. Floating Points Ensemble Post Suite [Ninja XX Sampler]
3. Kelvin Sholar Detroit Jazz 2010 [Kasmavtsu Music Promo]
4. Jamie Woon Night Air [White]
5. Ned Doheny Get It Up For Love [Capitol]
6. Adele Sebastian Desert Fairy Princess [Nimbus]
FAT FREDDYS DROP 2010 words & music
8. Fat Freddys Drop Hope [Kartel ]
9. Fat Freddys Drop Midnight Marauders (Instrumental) [Best Seven]
10. Fat Freddys Drop Flashback (Intro Loop) [The Drop]
11. Fat Freddys Drop The Raft (Liveversion) [The Drop]
12. Fat Freddys Drop Wild Wind [The Drop]
13. Fat Freddys Drop Flashback (Live Version) [The Drop]
14. Fat Freddys Drop Boondigga [The Drop]
15. Tweet Ooops (M&M Remix) [Nuff Wish Whitelabel]
17. Matthew Halsall Together [Gondswana ]
18. Joseph Malik I Am Driftin' [Compost]


it took a while but here you go . . . kickin off a new series called "the roadtrip editions" featuring artist interviews, impressions while being on the road and of course, music.
so i 've been invited two times by the Fat Freddys Drop crew to hang out with them in Cologne and at the Chiemsee Reggae Festival end of August. Being a true fan from the very beginning, back in 2000, it was a pleasure finally meeting them altogether and chatting backstage, watching the shows from a close perspective, hearing their sound walls and live appearances, havin some laughs, drinkin some beers and wine . . . and recording a long overdue interview ! need to say thanks from the heart to all Freddys, Nicole, Sue . . . i had a great time and see you in NZ soon then !

The interview words & music section is accompanied by my recordings during drivin down to Chiemsee and back home, music is comin from all over the place, totally mixed up, starring the amazing new stuff by Kelvin Sholar, Floating Points Ensemble, one AfroJazz tune for Scott, wonderfully sounding brandnew Jamie Woon and some flashbacks...

next up: Aloe Blacc words & music, plus more surprises for you. It's still the month of celebrating the 13th anniversary of soulsearching, brilliant guestmixes comin through also.

enjoy the music.


dj/tour-dates michael ruetten:

23.-25.9.10 Havana Cultura Lounge, SWR 3 Festival, Baden-Baden

9.10.10 La Marquise, Lyon, France

16.10.10 Villa Massalia, Marseille, France

22.10.10 Superfriends, Annecy, France

24.10.10 Wicked Jazz Sounds, Amsterdam, Netherlands

19.11.10 Calamarimoon, Hannover

20.11.10 Tausend, Berlin on tour w/Nachttierhaus

27.11.10 Frankfurt

11.12.10 the soulsearching winter session, Hafen2, Offenbach w/Richard Dorfmeister

31.12.10 Mousonturm, Frankfurt


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