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Playlist 11/08/10 Wayne Funnel

1. Rubber Bells - Jeff St Pierre and Phillip Antoniades [ A Rubber Band Christmas / Redeye Distribution ]
2. Gerry and the Holograms - Gerry and the Holograms [ Meet the Dissidents / Absurd #4 ]
3. Nut Pumpkin - Joy Allan-Wilsher
4. The Carpenter - Head and Leg [ Your Dreams / Seeland ]
5. Heaven On Their Minds - Keita Asari [ Jesus Crirst Superstar Japanese Cast Recording 1976 / Toshiba EMI Japan ]]
6. Remember Old Smokey (NZ Radio spot) - Waikato Dairy Lab Singers New Zeland Dairy Ministry [ Mastitis Melodies / EMI NZ ]
7. White Punks - Leland Stanford junior marching band [ Starting Salary $22,275.00 / Embo Records ]
8. Happy Living - Astro Age steel orchestra [ Happy Living / Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) ]
9. Super Mario Brothers theme - Eminence Symphony Orchestra [ ]
10. Annie's Song - John Denver [ Annie's Song / RCA ]
11. Bless you is my woman - Baaba Maal [ Red Hot and Rhapsody / Anttilles ]
12. The way that it began - The Fabulous Entourage [ Sh-K-Boom ]
13. Happy Outcome - Glibert Vinter [ Happy outcome / JW ]
14. Slient Night - Klaus Nomi [ Za Bakdaz / Heliocentric ]
15. Into the void - Edmund Welles [ Agrippa's 3 Books / Zeroth Law ]
16. Freaky if you got this far - Van Morrison [ The Complete Bang Sessions / Purple Pyramid Records ]


Guest Programmer
Wayne Funnel (AUS)

Wayne Funnel is a freelance Science/Historical Correspondent with ABC Radio Australia. His illustrated talks are also regularly broadcast during The Night Air, the cult "listening for pleasure" program heard from 8:30 pm on Sunday evenings on ABC Radio National.

For this 11:11 podcast Wayne has prepared an especially extended admixture of his unique commentary interspersed with surprisingly entertaining musical items.

N.B. Whilst the utmost care has been taken in the selection and transcription of these discs, many of them were garnered during Wayne's frequent visits to St. Vincent De Paul stockists and so he can, at this point, only apologise for any incidental surface noise or needle excursions that may occasionally punctuate the presentation.

Presented by
Jennifer Teo


blair said:
Oh yeh Jen great show!
Jen said:
Thanks to John Jacobs for putting me in touch with Wayne

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