Michael with a pure soulpatrol box flavoured rollercoaster ride through music!

Playlist 7/05/10

soulsearching #611
2. Actress Humble [Honest Jons]
3. Erdbeerschnitzel Tonight Is Today Is Tomorrow [Strike 1]
4. Twin Cities Anticipation [Mukatsuku]
5. Blackjoy Safado Pt. 2 [Lucien Entertainment]
6. NuFrequency Fallen Hero (MCDE Remix) [Rebirth]
7. Andres A New Beginning / You Can't Hide [Mahogany]
8. TJ Kong & Nunos Dos Santos Something Happened feat. Nicolette [Compost]
9. Kuniyuki & Henrik Schwarz Once Again (Henrik Schwarz Version) [Mule Musiq]
10. Mop Mop Hot Pot [Infracom]
11. P.E. Hewitt Ensemble Oma Rakas [Now Again]
12. Joy Spirits Rejoice [Strut]
13. Fania Allstars Smoke (Superbreak Edit) [White]
14. GPs Havana Cultura La Revolucion Del Cuerpo (Owiney Singoma Rmx) [Brownswood]
15. Quantic Mishaps Happening (Flux Pavilion Rmx) [Tru Thoughts]
16. d.kay Red Heat [G-Stone]
17. Tosca Fuck Dub [G-Stone]
18. Kristy Almeida & Mr. Scruff Pickled Spider [Ninja]
19. Blundetto My One Girl [Heavenly Sweetness]
20. Blackjoy Only Dogs Allowed feat. Sandra Nkaké [Lucien Entertainment]
21. k*Bonus Kliks w/Kissey Asplund [Lovemonk]
22. Twilight Give Love A Try [Luv'n'Haight]


welcome to a rollercoaster ride soulpatrol box only show.

heavy tunes by the likes of Erdbeerschnitzel, Scruff (replay), Blackjoy - "Erotis" album preview, Tosca and G-Stone crew (happy 16th anniversary, signori), and more...

enjoy the music.



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