Michael with a double header mixwise, Andrea Benini aka MopMop & Roman Rauch. And a bit of Erykah too!

Playlist 20/04/10

soulsearching #608
2. Bill Withers Make Love To Your Mind [Columbia]
3. Erykah Badu Gone Baby Don't Be Long [Motown]
4. Erykah Badu Umm Hmm [Motown]
5. Clutchy Hopkins Verbal Headlock [Ubiquity]
ANDREA BENINI's Mop Mop Ritual Of Savage mix 4 soulsearching
7. Mop Mop Outerspace [Infracom]
8. Leo Cannonball Adderley [Capitol]
9. Mop Mop Destination [Infracom]
10. Alice Russell Get Ready In The Morning
11. Phil Ranelin Sounds From The Village (Jan Jelinek Rmx) [Mop Mop Mashup]
12. Oscar Brown Jr. Brother Where Are You (Matthew Herbert Rmx) [Verve]
13. Kafka Illumination (Two Dee Rmx) [Mighty Highness]
14. Sonia Bazanta Erotica 1 [Strut]
15. Jayson Brothers All My Life [MCDE]
16. Mop Mop Ash (Diesler Dub rmx) [INFRACom! Test]
17. Elegante Orchestra Prometeus (DZ Rmx) [Tam Tam Studio]
18. Space Rangers Galactic Spice [Love Monk]
20. Tosca Oysters In May (Kalabrese Version) [G-Stone]
ROMAN ROX Can't Get Enough Mixtape
22. Alicia Myers You Get The Best From Me (Say, Say, Say) [MCA]
23. Erdbeerschnitzel Suave [4Lux]
24. Roman Rauch Feelings [CDR]
25. Rick Wilhite Roots of Detroit [3 Chairs]
26. Daniel Wang In The Street [Rush Hour]
27. The Revenge Looking Up To You [MCDE]
28. Linkwood Falling [Prime Numbers]
29. MCDE Untitled [CDR]
30. Roman Rauch My Soul [Tjumy]
31. DJ Nature Happy 2 B Near U [Rush Hour]
32. Pleasure No Matter What [Fantasy]
33. Herbie Hancock Come Runnin To Me [CBS ]


two great mixes this week within two hours of soulsearching. accompanied by tunes off the new great Erykah Badu album plus Tosca as replayed by Kalabrese out of Zurich and a bit of Bill Withers classic and mysterious Clutchy Hopkins out of California...

first up its Andrea Beninis journey through Jazz, Soul and a touch of housemusic, very very nice - so is the new Mop Mop album "Ritual Of The Savage" which is out now through INFRACom! records...watch out for the liveshows to follow across Europe throughout summer 2010. Grazie mille, Andrea!

second mix then out of Vienna by a rather new name on the scene, Roman Rauch aka Roman Rox aka some other disguises. A young and very talented music lover, debuting with his heavy EP on Tjumy Records incuding the soulsearching replay "Can't Get Enough" . . . his mix is more on the straight side of beats , from Boogie to Fusion. Cool. Watch out for more action comin out of this viennese laboraty soon...catch him DJIng as well.

next week more music out of the soulpatrol box again....the piles of promos are growing....

enjoy the music,


ps. R.I.P. GURU, will do a tribute within next show. . .

dj/tour-dates michael ruetten:

30.4.10 SuperFriends @ Le Rum Cay, Lyon, France

1.5.10 ENZO, Frankfurt w/Nachttierhaus live on stage.

15.5.10 Club Stereo, Nuernberg w/Boozoo Bajou

22.5.10 soulsearching session@Obhf, Frankfurt

5.6.10 Contre-Temps Festival , Strassbourg, France

10.7.10 The Garden Festival, Zadar, Croatia tbc

21.8.10 soulsearching summer session, Frankfurt

booking contact: booking@soulpatrol.de


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