UK Producer and DJ Red Rack'em is joined by ex Keep On writer and Cosmic Slop member Mike Greenwell for a 2 hour vinyl only crate digging special...

Playlist 24/02/10

Vinyl Only Special Co-Presented by Mike Greenwell
2. James Brown – Don’t Mind [Polydor]
3. The Millenium – Prelude [Grand Gruyere]
4. Danta – Mother [Light Sounds Dark]
5. Tabukah X – Finger Toe [Soundway]
6. Claudette and The Corporation – Skinheads A Bash Them [Grape]
7. Bill Withers – You [Sony]
8. Baby Huey – Hard Times [Curtom]
9. East Of Underground – Smiling Faces Sometimes [Nowthen]
10. James White and The Blacks – Money To Burn [Animal]
11. Andreas Dorau – Reisen Un Die Welt [Ata Tak]
12. Ralph Thomas – Big Spliff [Soul Jazz]
13. Horace Ferguson – Sensi Addict [Soul Jazz]
14. Paris – Punkin Funkin [Bluebird]
15. Ronnie Jones – Video Games [Polydor]
16. Roots – Sherrifs Horse [Derby]
17. The Sexican – Liza [Golf Channel]
18. Yellow Power – Hae Samurai [X Power]
19. Forever [Dagur Nillson Edit] [Hverfisgotu Disco]
20. Unknown – Untitled [Ron Hardy Edit] [White]
21. Elektra – Feels Good Dub [Emergency]
22. Dompteur Mooner – Michaela [Super Tahoe Edits]
23. Eurythmics – Regrets [RCA]
24. Deekay Jones – New York New York [White]
25. A Number Of Names – Shari Vare [Obsessive]
26. DAF – El Que [Virgin]
27. Delicate Genius – Circular Motion [Nuts]
28. Unknown – Untitled [Ron Hardy Edit] [White]


For this latest show I was joined by ex Keep On scribe and Cosmic Slop member Mike Greenwell for a vinyl only trawl through the old school. Mike was co-presented the new wave special I did a couple of years ago and he's also one of the people behind the new ultra underground Cosmic Slop parties which are taking place sporadically in Leeds. You can check out a mix from their 2009 New Years Eve party here - and if you want more info about their parties then please get in touch with them on this email – cosmicslop113[at]

We tried to break the show up into 2 halves with the first half focusing on live music (played on instruments) and the second half representing some more electronic sounds. As ever the lines are a bit blurred in places! We played 2 tracks each throughout the show. I played the first 2 tracks if you want to work out who played what.


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