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Playlist 2/02/10

1. Comfort Fit – Exabyte [Flako Remix] [Tokyo Dawn]
2. Bullion – Crazy Over You [One Handed]
3. Clause 4 – Afro [FYE/We Made This]
4. Simon S – A Free Soul [Cdr]
5. Rampi – Milano [Cdr]
6. Mr Beatnick – Dancing On Ice [FYE/We Made This]
7. Comfort Fit – Peter Pan [Portformat Remix] [Tokyo Dawn]
8. Danta – Mother [Light Sounds Dark]
9. Bullion – Say Goodbye to What [One Handed]
10. Bear Brothers – Red Shoe Truckin [Light Sounds Dark]
11. Shafiq Husayn – Evil Man [Plug Research]
12. Daco – Aquarium [Paper]
13. Kaspar – Fashionable Friends [Cdr]
14. Soundforce – La Dolce Vita [Light Sounds Dark]
15. Ron Basejam – No Jose Pt 1 [ISM]
16. Masterbuilders – Can’t Stop [Benny Beatz Remix] [Masterbuilders]
17. Vakula – Loop For My Friends [Uzuri]
18. Nikey – Must Make Ammends [FYE/We Made This]
19. Kotey Extra Band and Bottin – Hot Ring [Bottin Expresso Dub] [Bear Funk]
20. Red Rack’em – Late One [Undertones]
21. Greymatter – Too Much [Unique Uncut]
22. Freddie Kruger – I Go To [Cdr]
23. Mark Du Mosch – Satical [Cyber Dance]
24. Greymatter – I Wish You Knew [Souled Remix] [Unique Uncut]
25. Lone – Once In A While [Cdr]
26. Tek San – Sensation [Peak Of Normal]
27. Red Rack’em – Overtime [Undertones]


So this is the proper show of 2010 after the DJ mix special a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s the shows 3rd birthday as well. I am pretty sure I started the show in Jan 2007. I think. Anyway shedloads of cool new stuff on the show and if there’s any kind of theme it’s psychedelic music with wacked out new singles from Bullion, Shafiq Husayn and a preview of the ace Sherm Sticks and Other Strange Joints compilation.

There’s also a preview of the new Fun Your Ear comp ‘We Made This’ which is entirely made up of tracks produced by people who post on the Brownswood message board, some tracks from the new Greymatter and Ron Basejam albums and also a preview of my next release the ‘Night Shift’ EP which is out on Detroit label Undertones on February 15th.


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