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Playlist 24/01/10 Odyssey Two

1. qpe - Until [ Boolean Logic / the agriculture ]
2. Tim Exile - Family Galaxy [ Listening Tree / Warp/Planet M ]
3. Ellen Allien - Abstract Pictures [ Berlinette / BPitch Control ]
4. Ellen Allien - Elphine [ SOOL/ BPitch Control ]
5. Tipsy - Liquordelic [ Trip Tease / Asphodel ]
6. Various - Radio Metamix [ Alias Frequencies ]
7. Krazy Baldhead - 4th Movement PART 3 [ The B-Suite / Ed Banger Records ]
8. Krazy Baldhead - Katana Powa (Feat. Big-O and Mlle Yulia) [ Sweet Night EP / Ed Banger Records ]
9. Z-Trip - About Face [ Shifting Gears / Hollywood Records ]
10. etre - ________________ [ A Post-Fordist Parade... / Baskaru ]
11. etre - Luego Existe [ A Post-Fordist Parade... / Baskaru ]
12. Sonmi451 - Slice It Gently [ A Phosphorus Spot / U-Cover Transparente ]
13. Scattered Order Mk 1 - Ruined By Me [ Volume Four / New Weird Australia]
14. Nurse With Wound - Fade/Crack Down [ A Sucked Orange / United Dairies ]
15. Rothkamm - SUN [ ALT / Baskaru ]
16. Rothkamm - OOO [ ALT / Baskaru ]


Happy New Year folks. Welcome 2010!!

We are very excited to announce that ELEVENELEVEN has joined the Alias Frequencies family. All our episodes are now available on Alias Frequencies, so update your links and visit us at http://aliasfrequencies.org/radio/eleveneleven.

Odyssey Two is a mix of music we have enjoyed this summer, opening with a crazy dance track Family Galaxy by Tim Exile. We also hear from Ellen Allien, Tipsy, Krazy Baldhead, Sonmi451 and more, plus a couple of tracks from ALT, a new release by Rothkamm on independent French label Baskaru. From Australia, we hear an excerpt from Alias Frequencies Radio Metamix and a Scattered Order track from the latest New Weird Australia compilation.

Alias Frequencies has just made available Radio Metamix. Five artists interpret the idea of remix for radio featuring Lloyd Barrett, Lucas Darklord, Buttress O’Kneel, Rik Rue and Shannon O’Neill. Radio Metamix was originally broadcast on ABC Radio National’s The Night Air on July 1, 2007, as part of the Liquid Architecture festival. Listen to the entire mix http://aliasfrequencies.org/af040/

New Weird Australia is a free compilation series that promotes new eclectic and experimental Australian music, available as a free download every two months. New Weird Australia also has a weekly radio show on Sydney’s FBi Radio with hosts Stuart Buchanan and Danny Jumpertz. http://newweirdaustralia.com

Enjoy the show!

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Jennifer Teo


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