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Playlist 15/01/10 - Stylin Remembers the 00s

2. Hajime Yoshizawa - Secret Flight (Original Mix) (2002) [Especial]
3. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Substream (2000) [SMEJ/Compost]
4. Sleep Walker feat Bembe Segue - Into the Sun (2004) [Especial]
6. Fertile Ground - Black Is (2004) [Blackout/Counterpoint]
7. Fertile Ground - Take Me Higher (Waiwan Remix) (2001) [Counterpoint]
9. Heavy - Dontsayg'night (2007) [BBE]
10. Heavy - She Who Knows (2004) [Heavy/Kindred Spirits]
11. The Robert Glasper Experiment - For You (2009) [Blue Note]
13. Peven Everett - One Kiss (2002) [Studio Confession]
14. Peven Everett - Feelin You In And Out (Shelter Mix) (2006/2007) [Symple Soul]
16. The Avalanches - Diners Only (2001) [Modular]
17. The Avalanches - A Different Feeling (2001) [Modular]
19. Cesaria Evora - Angola (Carl Craig's Mix) (2003) [BMG France]
21. Metro Area - Caught Up (2001) [Environ]
23. Suba - Samba do Gringo Paulista (Zero DB Reconstruction) (2001) [Ziriguiboom]
25. Belmondo & Milton Nascimento - Berceuse / Malilia (2008) [B-Flat]
27. Sufjan Stevens - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois (2005) [Asthmatic Kitty]
28. Sufjan Stevens - The Black Hawk War, or, How to Demolish an Entire Civilization & Still Feel Good About Yourself in the Morning, or, We Apologize for the Inconvenience but You're Going to Have to Leave Now (2005) [Asthmatic Kitty]
30. Hudson Mohawke - Star Crackout (2008) [All City]
31. Heralds Of Change - Spotted (2007) [All City]
32. Hudson Mohawke - Overnight (2008) [Warp]
34. Harmonic 33 - Optigan (2005) [Warp]
35. Harmonic 33 - Where Have They Gone (2002) [Alphabet Zoo]
36. Harmonic 313 - Flashback (2008) [Warp]
37. Azymuth - Carambola (Mark Pritchard Remix) (2000) [Far Out]
39. DJ Mitsu the Beats - Negative Ion (Sa-Ra Remix) (2004) [Planet Groove]
40. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Frequencies (2004) [test]
41. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Stalker (2004) [test]
42. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - New York City (2004/2007) [Wonderful Noise]
44. NORE - Nothin’ (Instrumental) (2002) [Def Jam]
45. Clipse feat Faith Evans - Ma, I Don't Love Her (2002) [Star Trak]
46. Pharrell feat Jay-Z - Frontin (2003) [Star Trak]
47. Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body (2002) [Jive]
48. Mary J Blige - Till The Morning (2007) [Geffen]
49. Snoop Dogg feat Pharrell - Beautiful (2002) [Priority]
50. NERD - Tape You (2001) [Virgin]
51. Kelis - Milkshake (2003) [Virgin]
53. Raphael Saadiq feat Stevie Wonder & CJ Hilton - Never Give You Up (2008) [Columbia]
54. Kelis feat Raphael Saadiq - Glow (2003) [Virgin]
55. Raphael Saadiq feat Skyy - Skyy, Can You Feel Me (2002) [Universal]
56. Lucy Pearl - Don't Mess with My Man (2000) [Virgin]
58. Hi-Tek feat Dion, Q-Tip & Kurupt - Keep It Moving (2006) [Babygrande]
59. Hi-Tek feat Mos Def & Vinia Mojica - Get Ta Steppin' (Feat. Mos Def & Vinia Mojica) (2001) [Rawkus]
60. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal) feat Vinia Mojica - The Blast (2000) [Rawkus]
61. Hi-Tek feat Common & Vinia Mojica - The Sun God (2001) [Rawkus]
63. Common - The 6th Sense (2000) [MCA]
64. Common feat Bilal - Black Maybe (2007) [Geffen]
65. Common - It's Your World (2005) [Geffen]
66. Common feat Mary J Blige - Come Close (2002) [MCA]
67. Common feat Jill Scott - I Am Music (2002) [MCA]
69. Jill Scott - The Fact Is (I Need You) (Live in Paris) (2007) [Hidden Beach]
71. The Politik - Saturn (2007) [Milan]
72. Mark de Clive-Lowe feat Abdul Shyllon - Relax Unwind (2002) [2000 Black/MAW]
74. Paula Lima - As Famosas Gargalhadas do Yuka (2002) [Mr Bongo]
75. Ed Motta - Ikarus on the Stairs (2008) [Trama]
77. 4Hero - Hold It Down (2001) [Talkin Loud]
78. Seiji - Loose Lips (Instrumental) (2002) [Bitasweet]
79. Afronaught - Transcend Me (2001) [Apollo]
81. Susumu Yokota - King Of Darkness (Swell Session Remix) (2002) [Exceptional]

So who was nicest in the noughties? Rather than trying to pick my favourite albums or songs of the decade, I went with 21 artists (and one genre) which defined the 00s for me. Doing it this way meant I generally excluded artists who were inactive for most of the decade, or whose not-so-good outweighed their good (e.g. Mondo Grosso).

The others that were in contention: Donnie, Koop, Jazzanova, Nicola Conte, Lance Ferguson, J Dilla, Timbaland, Cinematic Orchestra (mostly for 'Everyday'), Mos Def, Fat Freddy's Drop, DJ Spinna, Quantic, Kenny Garrett, Phonte, Kyoto Jazz Massive, 4 Hero, Jay-Z, Rasmus Faber, Carlos Nino, Erykah Badu, Omer Avital, Hyperdub, James Poyser, Bugge Wesseltoft, Rich Harrison, Roy Hargrove, Dwele, Xantone Blacq, Just Blaze, Five Corners Quintet, Missy Elliott, Hanna, Pirahnahead, Theo Parrish, Bugz in the Attic, Kaidi Tatham, Naledge/Kidz in the Hall and Gotan Project.

I've written some little intros for each of the ones I picked:

Hajime's keys were behind Kyoto Jazz Massive's early 00s return from hiatus. Then as KJM's Yoshihiro Okino started the Especial label, Hajime found a platform for his solo productions fusing jazz and electronic club sounds, as well as a new live jazz act Sleep Walker that was influenced by 70s spiritual jazz from the likes of Pharoah Sanders.

Baltimore's Fertile Ground caught my attention in the late 90s with two self-released albums recalling the classic jazz/soul vibrations of Oneness of Juju, and centering around the sublime vocals of Navasha Daya. They signed with UK label Counterpoint in the 00s, leading to more albums and some great remixes (including the Wai Wan remix, one of my favourite remixes ever!). They've slowed done a little in the last few years, but hopefully they're not done yet.

New York soul duo Heavy comprised vocalist Nicky Giuliand and keyboardist/saxophonist Casey Benjamin and hit the scene in 2004 with a fresh sound eschewing the neo-soul cliches of that time. They took on a more 80s influenced sound for their underrated debut album in 2007. More recently Casey Benjamin has been lending his vocoder skills to Robert Glasper, Stefon Harris and toured Australia with Q-Tip last year. There are few things I'm currently looking forward to more that his solo material as Stutz McGee.

Throughout the decade, Peven Everett has been prolific with countless low-budget, homemade-looking releases on his own Studio Confession label. His production is sometimes a little rough around the edges and I'm still amazed that as a proper jazz trumpeter he uses synth horns so much in his tracks. But his songwriting and vocals always shine through and make so many of the more polished house producers sound soulless in comparison.

'Since I Left You' in 2001 was my favourite album of the decade, a masterpiece of sampling that flowed so brilliantly from one track to the next. The rest of the decade has been waiting for the follow-up which never came, and which surely couldn't have been as good anyway.

While many saw Carl's Innerzone Orchestra jazz album in 1999 as one of the peaks of his career, I thought he strayed too far from his strengths. So I was glad to see him get back to
techno in the 00s, with a string of club-smashing remixes, some of my favourites being the African ones for Cesaria Evora, Zap Mama and Tony Allen. He also explored jazz and other 'art music' projects more successfully with The Detroit Experiment, Tribe and live recordings in Paris with jazz groups and orchestras.

With their first four EPs that filled most of their self-titled 2001 album, Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani honed a sound new New York house sound that drew on techno, boogie, 80s disco dubs and early 90s Nu Groove. While they still haven't followed up that album, there have been many other solo, production and remix projects and their influence on the sound of house music in the 00s has been strongly felt.

This UK duo emerged through their own Fluid Ounce label in 2000, finding a way to marry jazz and Brasilian music with a hard electronic club sound. They quickly became big on the remix circuit and their version of Suba is one of my favourite remixes ever. Fluid Ounce also released some great music from other artists like Carmel and Innocent Sorcerers.

French brothers Stephane and Lionel Belmondo were masters of the symphonic arrangement in jazz, collaborated with legends Yusef Lateef and Milton Nascimento and finished the 00s with a great live jazz album.

An unlikely inclusion for Stylin, maybe. An unlikely voice for me to love, definitely. Sufjan's neo-folk sound seems to have had some influence on other more Stylin artists like Cinematic Orchestra and Carlos Nino (Build an Ark, etc).

Emerged in 2006 as part of the Heralds of Change duo with fellow Scot Mike Slott. Hud Mo's beats have been the freshest and most musical of the new global beat generation which has exploded in the second half of the 00s. If Mo Wax started this decade, he would have been their dream signing.

After conquering the 90s with partner Tom Middleton as Global Communication, Jedi Knights, Reload, etc, Mark spent the 00s exploring more solo projects under his own name as well as Troubleman and Harmonic 313 plus the collaborative Harmonic 33 and Africa HiTech. Hip hop, techno, soundtracks, ambient, IDM, broken beat, latin, dubstep and exotica were all in the mix.

LA based production trio with who developed a psychedelic electronic hip hop funk sound drawing on P-Funk, Sun Ra and J Dilla. They've had some label issues, and it still baffles me that many of their best works have been either Japan-only or remain unreleased.

Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo worked on some very dodgy pop projects, but also were responsible for many great moments of the 00s, with their distinctive sound which brought in elements of soul, jazz, funk, rock, hip hop and techno at different times. The rumour that tunes like Rock Your Body for JT were originally intended for MJ still breaks my heart!

Along with Ed Motta, Ray Ray is the most complete package of this list, with untouchable skills as producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Raphael Saadiq brought his classic soul touch to the likes of Ledisi, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, Kelis, Bilal, Angie Stone as well as his solo projects and his group Lucy Pearl.

My favourite hip hop producer of the 00s, such a warm and soulful sound. Started the decade with Reflection Eternal (his collab with Talib Kweli), then recorded 3 'Hi-Teknology' albums of his own. Now he's back with Reflection Eternal 10 years on.

Like The Roots' ?uestlove, so much of what has been great in US music in the 00s has crossed Common's path, with both of them involved in the Soulquarians collective which also included the likes of Bilal, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq, J Dilla, Q Tip and Mos Def. Common has also worked on many projects with The Neptunes and fellow Chicagoan Kanye West.

Voice of the 00s. From quiet storm to freight train, but always soulful. Great lyricist too, and an amazing live performer.

Mark hails from New Zealand, but spent most of the 00s in London, where he became a central figure on the broken beat scene. His keyboard skills, constant thirst for collaboration and exploration of new styles and sounds kept him in demand in the studio and on stage, where his mastery of multiple keyboards, MPC-3000 and effects put so many live electronic music performers to shame.

The versatile Brasilian vocalist, musician, producer and record collector recorded albums in Portuguese, English and scat during the 00s, exploring pop soul, jazz, black rio funk and his beloved Steely Dan.

Centered around West London and the Co-op club sessions, a handful of producers including Domu, Dego, Kaidi Tatham, Seiji, Afronaught and IG Culture collaborated in every possible permutation and combination under endless pseudonyms including most famously Bugz in the Attic and 4 Hero. Embarrassingly, Melbourne may be the only place in the world where the term 'broken beat' has been adopted by the nu-skool breaks scene.

Of the many Europeans mixing jazz and club sounds in the 00s, Gotherburg's Andreas Saag was the most consistently brilliant. His productions managed to have that European cool but still be warm and emotional at the same time. He introduced us to vocalists like Yukimi Nagano and Ernesto and was nice on the keys too.

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Dez said:

Lovely show - it's no small feat picking out the best from a decade, but you've done a great job and evidently put a lot of effort into it.

Lots of thanks,


michael ruetten said:
great idea!
but what about d'angelo "voodoo" (2000) who redefined a whole genre with ths album?
anyway, brilliant show!
thansk & keep on, michael
kalculatorkid said:
sensational - i love your stylin loves selections. Just a great listen, i'd love it if you could post your 'stylin loves' that are currently not on straightup from the rest of the decade ie 01-05. All the best for 2010.
blair said:
what a fantastic concept for a show ennio!
so much incredible music to choose from and the task does not go unappreciated; we are all so thankful for how much effort you have put this and the impact you have made on so many DJs and musos in Australia since the incarnation of Stylin'. RESPECT!

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