After months of playing the latest mp3 digi promos and cdrs, this show is all about crate digging. It's vinyl only baby and the genre parameters have been chucked out of the window!

Playlist 10/12/09

1. Art Of Noise - Robinson Crusoe [Chrysalis]
2. Stanley Cowell – Travelling Man [Soul Jazz]
3. Stetsasonic – The Odad [Tommy Boy]
4. Yesterdays New Quintet – Sun Goddess [Stones Throw]
5. Party Jammers – The Hood [P Jam]
6. The 8th Day – Rocks In My Head [Invictus]
7. Black Jazz Chronicles – Snookys Spirit [Nuphonic]
8. Dwele – L.O.V.E [Yam Who Remix] [Anglelove]
9. Allez Allez – African Queen [Emi]
10. The Breakfast Band – Dolphin Ride [Disc Empire]
11. Cluster – Caramel [Universal]
12. Yellow Power – Radio Tokyo [Yellow Power]
13. Cimarons – Kick Me Or I’ll Kick You [Hot Rod]
14. Pleated Lemon – Bee Minooooor [Hand On The Plow]
15. Vin Landers – Shipping Forecast [Surface Pressure]
16. Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Upwind [Inner City]
17. J-Live – Like This Anna [Footlong]
18. Biddu – You Don’t Stand A Chance If You Can’t Dance [Epic]
19. Jan Hammer + Jerry Goodman – Topeka [Atlantic]
20. Else Lasker – Schuler – Der Schnupfen [ITM]
21. Lone – Sunset Teens [Werk Discs]
22. Miami – Hey Ya’ll We’re Miami [Drive]
23. Upsetters – Double Wheel [Spinning Wheel]
24. Ramp – Daylight [Blue Thumb]
25. Umod – Tromboline [Sonar Kollectiv]
26. Louis Ramirez – The New Breed [Bandito]
27. DAF – Greif Nach Den Sternen [Virgin]
28. Luther Davis Group – You Can Be A Star [Soul Cal]
29. Cellophane – Music Colours [Cellophane]
30. Disko Drunks – The Picture [Diskomo]
31. Baustein – Untitled [Baustein]
32. DJ Rels – Broken Soul [Stones Throw]
33. Newworldaqarium – Trespassers [Delsin]
34. Lowtec – Soliloquies [Polyfon]
35. A Made Up Sound – Rework [A Made Up Sound)]
36. Leron Carson – Dedicated [Sound Signature)]


As regular listeners will know, the podcasts are always full of brand new music which is generally mp3 digi promos from labels and cdrs from producers. I have pretty much stopped playing vinyl on the shows, yet every day I stare at my shelves bulging under the weight of hundreds of records across many genres. I am probably never going to play much jazz in public again and I don’t have the time to listen to many records at home, so I have recently begun to wonder how I am going to get much use out of the non dancefloor stuff in my collection.

So with this in mind, I have put together an all vinyl edition of The Smugglers Inn and it was really good fun… It’s a pretty random selection with plenty of tangents including disco hip hop bootlegs, afro tinged new wave, madlib doing broken beat, techno from 1986 and some sea shanty hammond organ reggae.

I had such good fun doing this that I think I will do it again in a couple of shows time. Let me know your thoughts please..

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