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Playlist 27/11/09 with Nailah

1. Little Francisco Greaves - Moving Grooving [Soundway]
2. Automats - Guardian Angel [Plimsoll]
3. Linkwood - Who La La [Firecracker]
4. Paolo Scotti - Unspontaneous [Deja Vu]
5. David Murray & the Gwo-Ka Masters - Congo [Justin Time]
6. Preach - Take 5 [Blusic]
7. Preach Jacobs & Denz - Oh Yes [R2]
8. Shingo Suzuki - A Piece of the Sun [Origami]
9. Mabanua feat Nicholas Ryan Gant - Crazy [Origami]
10. Angie Stone - I Ain't Hearin' You [Stax]
11. Jackson 5 - Buttercup [Motown]
13. Nailah - He Speaks (Live at Kula) (edit) [Naimuse]
14. Nailah - Jesus Wept (Live at Kula) [test]
15. Dove Shack feat Arnita Porter - Summertime in the LBC [Def Jam]
16. Nailah - Beautiful Anyway [Naimuse]
17. Nailah - Transcending [Naimuse]
19. Build an Ark - Fun's Theme [Kindred Spirits]
20. Bell Orchestre - Dark Lights (Live) [Arts & Crafts]
21. Contemporary Noise Quartet - Main Tune II [Electric Eye]
22. Naruyoshi Kikuchi et Pepe Tormento Azucarar - Procession [EWE]
23. Paul White - Ultra Violet [One Handed]
24. Paul White - Dream State (Dam Tales) [One Handed]
25. Jonny Trunk - Crank Two [Trunk]


As regular Stylin listeners would know I've been very taken with the sounds of LA-based soul/jazz vocalist Nailah this year, after hearing her amazing Life in Session EP. So it was great to finally speak with Nailah and have her on the show. The good news is that there is a full album where the EP came from, there are plans to have a full release for the amazing Live at Kula recordings and there's good record company interest around for these projects so her music should soon be much more widely available. Nailah is also scheduled to head over to London for a performance at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards next year. I also had to drop a little of Nailah's G-funk history with her 90s hit with Dove Shack, performing as Arnita Porter.

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Mat Hoods said:
thanks for the support Ennio!
Its an edit of Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us

out now on Plimsoll Records ;)
Paolo Scotti said:
con questa musica ho visto ballare i canguri!!!
grazie Ennio !

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