Ali Renault from Heartbreak contributes a fantastic Italo, Electro and Techno guestmix. The rest of the show is devoted to more brand new music.

Playlist 24/11/09

1. Wax Stag – Folk Rock [Bibio Remix] [People In The Sky]
2. The Cuckoo Clocks – Odd Per Clock [Cdr]
3. Little Barrie – Please Tell Me [Red Rack’em Remix] [Cdr]
4. Telepathe – Chromes On It [People In The Sky]
5. Debruit – 149 Dalston Airline [Civil Music]
6. The Time and Space Machine – Mushroom Family [Tirk]
7. Unkown Artist – We Have So Much [Domu Edit] [Cdr]
8. Space – Tango In Space [Bottin Remix] [Nang]
Ali Renault Guestmix
10. John Carpenter – The Fog [Varèse Sarabande]
11. Mark du Mosch – Blanche Dreams [Lunar Disko]
12. Electrick Dragon – Davorite [Moustache]
13. Nineteen 99 – Deadline [Warszawa Records]
14. The Hasbeens – You and Me [Clone]
15. DJ Overdose – Uh Uh Baby [Strange Life]
16. Zombi – Sapphire [Escort Remix] [Throne Of Blood]
17. Kritical Audio – Spandex [Handsette]
18. Shake – Indagoo [Morphine]
19. Mark du Mosch – Let It Go [Keynote]
20. Hot Coins – NG Style [Society]
21. Mike Mareen – Dancing In The Dark [Galactica Remix] [Night'n Day Records]
22. Serious Lover – Serious Love [Cyber Dance]
23. Randy Barracuda – Hungry For Another Touch [Flogsta Dancehall]
End Of Ali Renault Guestmix
25. Farah – Waiting [Opoplo Remix] [Broadcite]
26. Debruit – Nigerian What [Civil Music]
27. Forces Of Nature – 4 Allie [Intelligent Audio]
28. DJ Leandre – Love 4 Sale [Parkerworks]
29. TRoy feat Wumni – Bo Bo [Broadcite]
30. Red Rack’em – Underground [Cdr]
31. See The Road – Untitled [Cdr]


So it’s time for another Smugglers Inn Podcast and this show contains a fabulous guestmix from Ali Renault. Ali is one half of the Italo-pop group Heartbreak who have toured with the likes of La Roux and released a well received album Lies on Lex Records. When he’s not crafting punchy synth pop, Ali also produces tough Electro and Italo for quite a few cool labels including Dissident, Moustache, Cyber Dance and Human Shield. His ace guestmix joins the dots between electro, techno, house, punk funk and italo. Check out some of Ali's tunes @

Elsewhere on the show there’s a hefty chunk of avant pop from the likes of Telepathe and hot new Sheffield band The Cuckoo Clocks. New wonk hop from Debruit. Exclusive techno from See The Road. Psychedelia from Richard Norris on Tirk. House from Leandre. Bruk from TRoy. Good music. Lots of it. All new.

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