A radio rendition of the freaky club show. Blending acid-electro-beats’n’bent-tech-housing treats.

Playlist 8/02/06

1. Intro: Unkle Outro [MoWax]
2. Zombie Nation Money [UKW Unlimited – White]
3. Franklin De Costa No Work Rmx [Karmarouge Noir]
4. Jan Autobahn Ventilator [Traffica]
5. Freeform Five No More Conversation-Mylo Remix [Perspex/Fine]
6. Peace Division Club Therapy [NRK]
7. Scratch Massive Girls On Top” Break Version [My Best Friend]
8. Huntemann & Winter Monza [Confused Recordings]
9. Sven Vath Ghosts Part 1 [Virgin]
10. Vath Vs Rother Komm-Gregor Tresher Remix [Cocoon]
11. Sebastien Leger Fury [Black Jack]
12. John Starlight Shadowbreaker-Boys Noize Remix #1 [Boys Noize]

How many Semi’s does it take to mix for online radio? Well that depends on whose available. You know how it is, flying from one sunny beachside vista to another. Grill is in the Bahamas, Slieks is up to his elbows in coconut husks, d-JCB is MIA and Miyagi’s currently filming the follow up to the Karate Kid films. So I guess that leaves me to the duties. Find here-in a selection of my current faves...something old, something new, nothing borrowed and something that rhymes with borrowed. Enjoy!


As far as I know, I am not a robot.