Michael with a soulpatrol box & a heavy dose of jazzdance - Mark "Snowboy" Cotgrove in the mix!

Playlist 2/11/09

soulsearching #594
2. Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia Serenity [Far Out]
3. Emanative When On Earth (Marc Rapson Remix) [Futuristica]
4. 4hero Planetaria (Hefner Remix) [Talkin Loud]
5. Curtis Mayfield You're So Good To Me [RSO]
6. Odyssey Don't Tell Me, Tell Her [RCA]
7. Super Value Feelin In The Mood [Super Value Blue]
8. Boozoo Bajou Sign (DJ DSL Remix) [!K7]
9. Dublex Inc Hell In A Handbag feat. Tuomo [Infracom!]
10. Alice Russell Livin The Life Of A Dreamer [Little Poppet]
11. Cedar Walton Latin America [Sony Music]
12. Linda Williams Elevate Our Minds [Arista]
13. Webster Lewis El Bobo [Epic]
14. Crusaders Sweet'n'Sour [MCA]
Snowboy's Original Jazzdance Selection
16. Chick Corea Central Park [Polydor]
17. Janet Grice Carrie [Optimism Records]
18. Barry Miles & Silverlight The Travellers [London]
19. Nucleus Wapatiti [Carlin Music]
20. David Lahm Shazam [PAJ Records]
21. Chick, Donald, Walter & Woodrow Third Movement [Century Records]
22. E.W. Wainwright Jr. Ayoka [Aroj Records]
24. Buddy Rich Nuttville (Basement Jaxx Edit) [Camberwell Grooves]
25. St. Germain Rose Rouge (Swell Session Remix) [Gamm Enterprises]


All about the jazznotjazz Festival 2.0 this week, kicking off on a soulful tip then into a section about the festival including music by the live artists. Plus a Jazzroom warmup mix by MR, followed by the legendary Snowboy and his exclusive Original Jazzdance Selection. Mark "Snowboy" Cotgrove just released a fantastic book about the whole UK Jazzdance scene "From Jazz Funk Fusion To Acid Jazz - The History Of The UK Jazzdance Scene". Thanks a lot to the DON of UK Jazzdance today, still keeping it alive also at the Southport weekender with his own Jazz Room. Rare and out there fusion madness tunes.

see you at the Festival this saturday 7th November here in Frankfurt mousonturm. more infos & tickets: www.jazznotjazz.de

enjoy the music,


:::Frankfurt area live & DJ DATES::::

7.11.09 jazznotjazz Festival 2009 feat. Alice Russell, Boozoo Bajou, Dublex Inc, the Jazzroom with Perry Louis' JazzCotech dancers show and more..., mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany www.jazznotjazz.de

21.11.09 Lido, Berlin, Germany

28.11.09 Kassablanka, Jena, Germany

3.12.09 live/club @ Sinkkasten presents: Tony Allen, Frankfurt, Germany

11.12.09 Istanbul, Turkey club tba

12.12.09 Istanbul, Turkey w/Yakuza club tba.


Bruce Q said:
Great show indeed !...Graet to see Snowboy droppin some gems!

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