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Playlist 30/10/09 with The Raah Project

1. Brian McKnight - Stay Tuned [Hard Work]
2. Cosiner & James Andrews - Pathways to Hidden Dreams [Beautiful Angry]
3. Reason or Romanza - Two Times Three Times [Civil]
4. Afra - Brings You [Avex]
5. Dylan Thomas & Haz Solo - Don't Turn Around [unknown]
6. Versis - All In [unknown]
7. Skyzoo - For What it's Worth [Duck Down]
8. Sun Circle - Sun Circle Theme [Futuristica]
9. Trus'me feat Amp Fiddler - Can we Pretend [Fat City]
10. Mr Fingers - Can U Feel It (Diesler's Latin B-Boy Remix) [no label]
11. Arpadys - Meteor One [Tubetracks]
12. Beggar & Co - (Somebody) Help Me Out (Elitechnique Remix) [Clone Loft Series]
13. Trus-me feat Dam-Funk - Bail Me Out [Fat City]
14. Hunee - Took my Love [Drumpoet Community]
15. Al Kent - Come Back Home [BBE]
16. K54 Edits - Where'r Those Pieces? [I♥BR]
18. The Raah Project - Will You Be There [Knowfool/Summer Dawn]
19. The Raah Project - Moonlite in Atlantis [Knowfool/Summer Dawn]
20. The Raah Project - Funeral Wedding [Knowfool/Summer Dawn]
21. The Raah Project - DoRyan [Knowfool/Summer Dawn]
22. Joe McDuphrey Experience - Peace/Dolphin Dance [Blue Note]
23. Don Banks/Sydney Symphony Orchestra - Nexus [Vox Australis]
24. Maria Schneider Orchestra - Allegresse [ArtistShare]
25. Respighi - I Pini di Villa Borghese [unknown]
26. True Live - Need to be Now (instrumental) [Illusive]
27. The Raah Project - Space Between Thoughts [Knowfool/Summer Dawn]


Thanks to Tamil Rogeon and Ryan Ritchie (aka Rhyno) from The Raah Project for dropping in and telling us about their amazing orchestral big band beats album Score which has just been released. Keep listening to Stylin for details of the next Raah Project live show, anticipated for February 2010. Also stay tuned for more instrumentals from their hip hop project True Live. Hopefully they'll release these one day.

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