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Playlist 10/10/09 - Into The Orient #2

1. Bellies & Brass Zeb & Nicodemus [Wonderwheel]
2. La Pasion Turca Harem IV [Soulstar]
3. Yara Thomas Schumacher [Spiel]
4. El Hilwa Di (coucou) Dania [Soulstar]
5. Koçari Altay [Soulstar]
6. March Of The Sultans Merdan Taplak [White]
7. A La Turk Cop & Thief VS Taraf De Haïdouks [Crammed]
8. Harem The Reg Project [Soulstar]
9. Wicked & Wild Oojami [CIA]
10. Zor Oojami [CIA]
11. Arabe Oliver Stephan [Mantide]
12. Daratech ?? [??]
13. Oliven Sonical [Mantide]
14. Ain Ebel Oliver Stephan [Mantide]

Into the orient once again! This time going straight to the dancefloor with a big bag of "yalla"! A sample from the upcoming Berlin club night <<Oriental Bass Kollektiv>> Hit us up on

Any questions... just leave a comment here or via myspace on,

Cheers, Delay.


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