Toupee and Not Happy Jan are electric partners in crime, subversifying sounds and Sucking Your disco with bent minimalistics and presumptuous electronix.

Playlist 8/02/06

1. Intro
2. Alexander Robotnik Unknown [ Creme Organization]
3. Ceephax Acid Crew Friday Film Special Acid
4. Rephlex
5. Origin Unknown Melodies of Man RMX [ Outside Recordings]
6. Carl A. Finlow Hardwired [ Longhaul]
7. Heuristic Audio Nocturnal [ Satamille]
8. Hydraulix Krunk [ Touchin' Bass]
9. Hydraulix Robocop [ Touchin' Bass]
10. A.T.F Extinction Level Beat [ Zero-One Recordings]
11. Chris McCormac What Kind of Sound Pt. 1 [ Elektrix]
12. Bitstream Anno Domini [ Touchin' Bass]
13. Depeche Mode Pain That I'm Used To (Bitstream Threshold Mix) [ Mute]
14. A.T.F Hiding the Pain [ Zero-One Recordings]
15. Silicon Scally Borexiho [ Spacebar Sentiments]
16. C_theory Micro-Machining [ Polymer Research]
17. Gosub Earth Recompile [ Frustrated Funk]

SuckMyDisco invited some friends over for a slumber

party. Phlexx promptly ripped the head off of Toupee's

favorite Cabbage Patch doll. Jim Westlake urinated on

NHJ's lego castle... thanks for the visit guys!


As far as I know, I am not a robot.