Kid Kameleon a Bay Area resident believes one thing for sure, that at the end of the day, good music gets made. It's more than love. It's the way it should be.

Playlist Kid Kameleon

1. Echolectrics Alter Echo & ERS1 [Unreleased]
2. Thugaadub JSt*r [JSt*r Music]
3. MK Ultra Amit [Commercial Suicide5]
4. Little More Oil (Taking over Venusuala to fuel our SUVs mix) dj rupture Sister Nancy and Kid606 [Souljazz]
5. Going Away (Dubplex Inc. remix) Hilltribe vs. Staple Singers [Hilltribe]
6. Hang On We [Home Entertainment]
7. Windows CMA [Up Above Records]
8. Cissy Strut Pablo [Redhook]
9. Killer in Tunisia (Latin Remix: Grubby) La Sonara Poncena & Elephant Man [Noisybunch]
10. Mistake Framix [Toolbox]
11. Dub for Lazy Loafters Chocolate Weasel [Ninja Tune]
12. Nlogax Boards of Canada [Skam]
13. Entomodub 2 Lena [Quartermass]
14. Texas Tea Deadbeat [~scape]
15. Rebiana Sand Sea Hiss and Buzz [Skor]
16. Let we Go Rhythm & Sound w/ Ras Donovan & Ras Perez [Burial Mix]
17. Phantom Movements SoulWeaver [Touchin' Bass]
18. Ali Mc Bills Jahcoozi [Kitty-Yo]
19. Synergistic Effect DJ Spooky, TCDSS and Alter Echo [M Records]
20. Long Bone Sofa Surfers [ESL]
21. Everything Criss (Dub) Horace Andy [Bam Salute]
22. People of the Book (Swayzak remix) Systemwide [Select Cuts]
23. Traitor Skream [Ital]
24. Officer Coki [DMZ]
25. 28g Loefah & Skream [Tectonic]
26. Cheat I Appleblim [Skull Disco]
27. Money Honey (remix) Pressure feat. Warrior Queen [Hyperdub]
28. Bulldozer 2nd II None [Road]
29. Tokyo Ghost Stories Aarovane [City Centre Offices]
30. Light Red Xhale [Civik]

"Just like any genre or scene, dub has limits, boundaries, defined edges. It has heroes,
great moments, turning points. A history. When an outsider looks in on it, someone who
isn't part of that history, you get The End of Dub. Electro, techno, and jungle artists
living like nomads on the edge of an echoing city, taking what they need from it and then
selling it on the black market or exporting it back to where they came from. The
wanderers have the best stories."


As far as I know, I am not a robot.