Michael with another selection out of the soulpatrol box and summer mixes 2009 pt.3: Motorcitysoul!

Playlist 5/08/09

soulsearching #585
2. Ebo Taylor Heaven [Soundway]
3. Frankie Francis & Simbad Parra Dancar [Fiesta Angola]
4. Ian Simmonds Diver [Musik Krause]
5. Resonance Yellow Train [Nuphonic]
6. Wah-Chu-Ku Outa 'ere [Drumpoet ]
7. Soul II Soul Fairplay (Bugz Remix) [Test]
8. Zed Bias feat. Jenna G Fairplay [Test]
9. Kaleta & Akoya Afrobeat The Spirit Of Fela Is Alive & Well (Guynamukat Edit) [Mukatsuku]
10. Tom Browne Bye Gones [Arista/GRP]
11. Makoto Chameleon [Test]
12. Timo Lassy feat. José James The More I Look At You [Ricky-Tick]
13. Milano Jazz Dance Combo Much More feat. Colonel Red [Record Kicks Promo]
14. Fritz Pauer Terra Samba (soulpatrol Xtended Mix) [MPS]
soulsearching summer mixes 2009 pt. 3
Motorcitysoul - by Matthias Vogt & C-Rock
17. Spirit Catcher Beezy Operator [Unreleased Track]
18. The Revenge Hotz 4U [Instruments Of Rapture]
19. Alpha Child Gamma Ray (Franc Spangler Dub) [Delusions Of Grandeur]
20. OOFT This Sound [Instruments Of Rapture]
21. Crazy P Stop Space Return (Hot Toddy Mix) [20:20 Vision]
22. Langenberg Ideosami [LiebeDetail]
23. Brooks Iwanchu [Aus Music]
24. Paradice Piece Of Something (Motorcitysoul Remix) [Blackfish]
25. Shriprinski Epilogue [Deepology]
26. Oliver Koletzki Hypnotized (feat. Fran) [Stil Vor Talent]

...this is a delayed broadcast due to technical problems....the show has been recorded 2 weeks ago already, so please note this when reading the "words"...next show will be up soon....soulsearching 586 then with a mix by jerome caron aka blackjoy.


With all this great music comin in at the moment i could have gone on with the flow into the full 120 this week,
but hey its summer and i do have the third mix in the summer 2009 mixes series on board.
Motorcitysoul with their nice blend of housemusic vibes. Thanks to Matthias & C-Rock , check them here this summer: 07.08. La Coruna/Spain,
06.09. Green & Blue, Obertshausen, Germany, more infos: www.motorcitysoul.com, www.myspace.com/motorcitysoul.

Great new music by the likes of Ian Simmonds (the wait is over and was definatel worth it !) , the BIG man, Tony Nwachukwu on Drumpoet, 20th anniversary tributes for Soul II Soul, one remix , one blinding cover version, Fiesta Angola strong party vibes (very well done, Simbad !) Jazzdance heaven with Timo Lassy and Milano Jazz Dance Combo, a rediscovery out of my vaults of the few remixes by soulpatrol, Makotos killer version of Hancocks "Chameleon" (soon out in Japan on Especial, arigato Shuya) and the funk soul jazz of a man called Tom Browne - check this album "Yours Truly" - there is more than "Funkin For Jamaica" - which is a very important tune for me and my DJ school though . . . oh yes, and the firing Edit of Kaleta & Akoya Afrobeat on Mukatsuku.

Respect and shout out to the Africa Delay and Schwedlersee crew who invited the legendary Ebo Taylor to play a very atmospheric and vibin gig last saturday with the Poets Of Rythms and the fantastic drummer of Kabu Kabu open air. Afrobeat the way i like it. 73 years old, Ebo Taylor is still enjoying it very much. Catch this live show if you can.

Back next week with part 4 in the summer mix series, a brilliant and outstanding mix by Jerome Caron aka Blackjoy (Paris).

until then : see the sun.

enjoy the music,


Next DJ Gigs:

August 15 LAZY. Frankfurt with very special live guest: Xantone Blacq (Amy Winehouse Band) vocals & keys

enjoy the music,


ps.: more summer mixes 2009 comin up by: jerome caron (blackjoy), wenzelvibes hamburg, kevin beadle, and more....

:::Frankfurt & area live DATES::::

15.8.09 LAZY. is FIVE. special guest live: Xantone Blacq (voice & keys)

29.8.09 LAZY. is FIVE. special guest live: Miles Bonny (horn, voice & turntables)


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