Kev Beadle’s legendary show delivers diverse, forward-thinking beats and grooves rooted in soul and jazz.

Playlist 28/07/09

1. robert glasper butterfly [blue note]
2. makoto chameleon [cdr]
3. sauce 81 the flying nimbus [cdr]
4. sk radicals my story [freestyle]
5. élan mehler new breed dobie remix [brownswood]
6. matt bianco matts mood maddslinky remix [cdr]
7. chanan hanspal it’s only just a garden kay suzuki remix [hear & now]
8. wah-chu-ku flowin [drumpoet]
9. lcd soundsystem 4533 trus’me remix [dfa]
10. yam who summertime ig culture nsm inst [papa]
11. sarah linhares step up [ptr]
12. masirah find a way [futuristica]
13. shafiq husayn nirvana [plug research/k7]
14. waajeed ft monica blaires funkin for jamaica [jazzy sport]
15. dam funk toeachizown [stones throw]
16. fat freddy’s drop big bw [the drop]
17. leon king the digital church [mft]
18. marc mac ft phonte take a trip [omniverse]
19. root soul ft shea soul on & on [extra freedom]
20. sa-ra creative partners love czars [ubiquity]
21. karizma early rize [r2]


blair said:
welcome mate! bloody nice show here... particulary diggin the kay suzuki remix right now

pjazz said:
KB. love your show via the spotty posts at Giantstep. Welcome aboard blair's mothership. we'll be listening!

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