Michael says goodbye Michael Jackson - R.I.P. in heaven now . . . plus more music out of the box, from jazz to . . . !

Playlist 1/07/09

soulsearching #582
2. Michael Jackson Scat (Live) [Epic]
3. The Jacksons Opening (Live) [Epic]
4. McCoy Tyner Just Feelin' [Palo Alto]
5. Elan Mehler 54th Leap [Brownswood Album The After Suite]
6. Friends From Rio Escravos Do Jo [Far Out]
7. Cesaria Evoria Bondade Et Maldade (Yoruba Soul Mix) [RCA]
8. Paradice Piece Of Something (Flashbaxx Mix) [Blackfish]
9. Wajeed Jeedo Suave [Jazzy Sport]
10. Linn & Freddie Pretty Little Thing [Homegrown]
11. Soulspy Sweet HipHop [White]
12. Norman Feels Movies (Onur Engin Edit) [Test]
13. Lee Fields & The Expressions My World [Truth & Soul]
14. Billy Paul Black Wonders Of The World [Philadelphia International]
Goodbye Michael Jackson R.I.P. and thanks so much for your music !
16. The Jacksons I'll Be There (Live) [Epic]
17. Jackson 5 Never Can Say Goodbye [Motown]
18. The Jacksons Opening (Live) [Epic]
19. The Jacksons Show You The Way To Go [Epic]
20. Michael Jackson Baby Be Mine [Epic]
21. The Jacksons Rock With You (Live) [Epic]
22. The Jacksons This Place Hotel [Epic]
23. Michael Jackson Thriller [Epic]
24. Michael Jackson Off The Wall [Epic ]
25. Michael Jackson Billie Jean [Epic]
26. Quincy Jones About Off The Wall [Epic]
27. Michael Jackson Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Studio Session) [Epic]
28. Michael Jackson I Can't Help It [Epic]
29. Michael Jackson You Rock My World [Epic]


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . so what can i say ? he made the soundtrack of my youth and beyond, his tunes were included in my first pirate radioshows way back when, i danced to his music in G.I. clubs beginning of the 80s, played his tunes a 1000 times when i began DJing at my friends parties and still spin the big ones for me, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . so it took some couple of days time to realize what happened after i've got this message online while checking mails last thursday night after my frankfurt show . it said "Michael Jackson R.I.P. (10 minutes ago" and came from king britt out of philly. first i could not believe it. 50 years is quite young. but then again, life somehow has been a struggle for him as well, searching for his lost childhood all the time. one of the first memories which came to my mind was that night in august 1977 when i had just returned from a football match with my brother & father and my mum stood in front of the TV and tears were floating and floating. on that night Elvis Presley died . . . so as music has always been a part of our life at home and still is - my two girls do like the music by MJ, Stevie, Aretha, .. . . - its this feeling of having lost someone who you did not even know personally. but Michael Jackson expressed himself through his music. he defined himself this way. and with his music he had and still has a major impact on all kinds of soulmusic which goes pop then. in addition to this he was the last big entertainer of the world. maybe exactly this made him go away, facing his revival concerts in London which should have happened this july. . . anyway, i don't want to talk too much about it - as i have played "Off The Wall" alongside many other tunes at out LAZY. party last saturday night i realized what Michael Jacksons music means to me. maybe i would not even be a DJ or do radioshows now. . . i don't really know, but what i know is that i am and will be a big fan of his music which stays here forever. my selection for this show includes some of my favourite tunes, there is plenty more of course. . .

"Life ain't so bad at all, if you live it Off The Wall...Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, no matter if you're Black Or White."

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.

enjoy the music,


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