Michael back from the fantastic parklivefest in sofia, box full of goodies out of nz & a late night MR set @ Springnine 2009!

Playlist 24/06/09

soulsearching #581
2. Maze feat. Frankie Beverly Look At California [Capitol]
3. Newban Magic Lady (Greymatter Rework) [Basement Soul Edits]
4. Fredericks Brown Betrayal [Unreleased]
5. Fela vs. Lefto Hooligan [MPM Test]
6. Quantic & His Combo Barbaro Mas Pan [Tru Thoughts]
7. Snap! Exterminate (Simioni & Flip Rework 2009) [Test]
8. Cesar's Salad Manteca [Perfect Toy]
9. 4hero Escape That (Selekshan 2 Sector Rub Remix) [Talkin Loud]
10. Atjazz & Yannah Valdevit Info People [Development 002]
11. Julien Dyne Falling Down feat. Parks [FTC]
12. José James Black Magic (Joy Orbison Remix) [Test]
by request...MRs late night set Springnine Festival May 22
14. Diplo B2 [Brownswood 12inch]
15. Dan Mela Glow (Dodi Palese Remix) [Compost Black]
16. Lonesome Echo Production Spirit Of The Drum (SUMO Remix) [Disorient]
17. Daniel Wang On The Moon [Balihu/Rushhour]
18. Toni Lionni Golden [LOTD]
19. Detroit Experiment Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz Remix) [Juno]
20. Powerline Double Journey [Elite]
21. Move D Theo [Workshop]
22. DC La Rue DC Le Groove [Disco Deviance 002]


festival season 2009 - just back from the first edition of the parklivefest in sofia bulgaria and must say that if it comes from the heart it always pays off in the end.
saying that i give my big respect to a man called andrei peev, who runs a label and club promotion agency with nice friends over there. maybe festival & club promoters in the "western world" of music have sometimes been there, seen it all too much and loose their passion and love for what they are doing. so if you have seen the lineup of the festival (www.parklivefest.com) you might have thought, well - tricky, lamb, plaid, peterson, crazy p, roots manuva, little dragon, ruetten.....have seen and heard them and lamb, they are still there? if so, you are probably wrong as this festival has shown real passion & love for music coming from the audience - they sang along nearly every song word by word when lou rhodes and the boys have been on stage for the final concert saturday night at this beautiful site which formerly was a open air cycling stadium. the after festival closing party at sofias oldest but renovated discotheque has been a pleasure and a blast - gilles peterson inside in top form alongside myself spinning heavy jazzdance, boogie, house and stuff, crazy p playing disco records on the terrace until the sun came out and finsihed off with tata vegas "give it up for love" 6am in the morning. all i can say is THANKS to andrei and the crew for doin this festival and hopefully they are in the plannings for parklivefest number 2 for next year already. extra special thanks to ivan and his lovely wife for taking very good care of gilles and me the whole weekend. (if you are ever in sofia you need to have lunch or dinner at a place called "the architects"....)

talked with gilles p about his recent visit to cuba in the afternoon - he 's been there to produce a record with the young jazz piano wizard roberto fonseca , doin versions of "chekere son", "rofo rofo fight", "think twice" and new songs and tunes which sounded heavy at the club at night although unmixed ! the havana cultura double cd will be coming out in september / october and closer to this i will give you the interview i did about it . . . and of course the music which i am now not allowed to play - makes sense because the mastered versions will be tearing it down then. a nuyorican soul for 2009 ! watch this space.....

so in the show a little mixup selection including snap! ...... erm , snap!? yes, you read it. having whitnessed the promo parties where they played the whole first album (with "the power" on it) at an certain omen club and plastik in frankfurt way back when i could not believe my ears when hearing this (unofficial ?) remake of the '93 tune "exterminate" by two guys out of denmark. will stay in the box all summer long...brandnew and really good sounding music out of new zealand courtesy of the jewel school radio crew also in the show as well as 4hero who had to give up trying to get to sofia on their way by car from the uk . . . and drove back as the croatians refused to let them in with only a photocopy of their passports in their hands....bring the original next time, guys. we missed you at the festival !

second hour by request my little late night mix as recorded at the springnine festival a few weeks ago. . . just 50 minutes but i had fun doin this, including many tunes that i ahve played out the first time there. somehow got deep into it and had to stop because the party was over . . . good lineup in the wrong place. anyway. hope you like it.

see you at LAZY. in frankfurt this saturday 27th or at the festivals then . lookig very much forward to this. summer 2009 is here!

Next DJ Gigs:
June 27 LAZY. Frankfurt,
July 2 presenting José James live, Frankfurt,
July 5 Worldwide Festival Sete, France,
July 11 & 12 The Garden Festival, Zadar, Croatia

enjoy the music,


ps.: don't forget to get your tickets for the only and exclusive germany show this summer (this year?) by JOSÈ JAMES in frankfurt, july 2.
you can get your tickets directly here: http://www.reservix.de/reservation/plan_reservation.php?eventGrpID=26071&eventID=97966

pps.: summer mixes 2009 comin up soon in july / august: hugo mendez sofrito especiale, jerome caron (blackjoy), wenzelvibes hamburg, kevin beadle, and more....


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