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Playlist 19/06/09 feat Ed Seven

1. Raashan Ahmad - Mobstar Life [Antiquiet]
2. Bridge - Stella [First Experience]
3. Eukitt - Line and Colors [Memlit]
4. Monkey Sequence.19 - Return of the Super People [Show Tiku Bai]
5. Teezva - Jazz Food [Def Con]
6. Himuki feat Guilty Simpson - Better with Age [P-Vine]
7. Grand Puba feat Khadija Muhammad - Cold Cold World [Babygrande]
8. Waxolutionists - Kantate [Sunshine]
9. Raheem Devaughn feat Ludacris - Bulletproof [CDR]
10. Karriem Riggins - Soul on Top [CDR]
11. Cookin on 3 Burners feat Kylie Auldist - This Girl [Knowfool/Freestyle]
12. Kylie Auldist - In a Week In a Day [Tru Thoughts]
13. Rachael Price - You Go to My Head [Claire Vision]
14. Nailah - He Speaks [NaiMuse]
15. Chip White - The Continuing Saga of Miles [Dark Colors]
16. Bobby Sanabria & the Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra - Wild Jungle [Jazzheads]
17. ?? - Christina Lover (Sofrito Edit) [Sofrito]
18. Mr President - Meet Again (B Boys Edit) [Favorite]
19. DJ Boxx feat Carla Prather - Send for Me (The VLE Full Vox Mix) [Sophisticado]
20. Guynamite - Space Elevator [Mukatsuku]
21. Flako feat Dirg Gerner - Need You [CDR]
22. Build an Ark - In Her Smile (Daedelus Remix) [Kindred Spirits]
24. Ed Seven - ?? [??]
25. Ed Seven - On a Mater Payer [Straightup]
26. Ed Seven - Drag Your Feet [Straightup]
27. DJ Regal - Keep On (Ed Seven Remix) [Unique]
28. Cookin on 3 Burners - Settle the Score (Ed Seven Remix) [Knowfoowl]
29. Ed Seven feat Mapei - Too Much Talk [Straightup]
30. Onur Engin - Be Still My Soul (Ed Seven Remix) [Straightup]


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Mr Heavy Mannas said:
"TD" - Totally Dodgy - says so on the label ;-) hee hee
Nailah said:
Hey Brothah Ennio...

Thanks for showing us SO MUCH LOVE. Looking forward to meeting you and giving you a BIG ol' hug...til then...know that I'm sending you LOVE from LA.



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