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Playlist 29/05/09 KPTMichigan

1. Moondog - Invocation [The Viking of Sixth Avenue / Honest Jon`s]
2. Blasphemy - Winds Of The Black Godz [Fenriz Presents The Best Of Old School Black Metal / Peaceville]
3. Unknown - Gong Station/Chimes [The Conet Project / Irdial]
4. Angel - Holding Loose [Hedonism / Editions Mego/MirrorWorldMusic]
5. Else Marie Pade - Faust [Et Glasperlespil / Dacapo]
6. Köhn - Willen=Köhnen [Köhn 2 / Kraak]
7. Der Golem - Unknown [Zmet / Grief Records]
8. Unknown - Unknown [Cambodian Cassette Archives / Sublime Frequencies]
9. kptmichigan - Ignatz/Bo Diddley Re-Work [Ignatz/The Complete Chess Years / Kraak/Chess]
10. Motorpsycho - Nathan Daniel`s Tune From Hawaii [Blissard / Stickman]
11. Oval - Catchy DAAD [Systemisch / Mille Plateux]
12. kptmichigan - Delma Lachney and Blind Uncle Gaspard/Notwist Re-Work [Harry Smith`s Anthology Of American Folk Music/Nook / Smithsonian Folkways/Big Store]
13. To Rococo Rot - Allover Dezent [Veiculo / City Slang]
14. SND/Gas - Circa 1509 / Königsforst 4 [Clicks `n Cuts/Königsforst / Mille Plateux]
15. Kraftwerk - Kling Klang [Kraftwerk 2 / Philips]
16. kptmichigan - Kling Klang (The Lost Chapter) [None / MirrorWorldMusic]
17. The Velvet Underground - After Hours [The Velvet Underground / Verve]


Guest Programmer
Kptmichigan (Hillentrup, Germany)

Michael Beckett is kptmichigan, a musician and producer who loves guitars, totally dislikes programming and finds the term experimental somewhat dodgy. As kptmichigan, he has released 4 albums, the newest being the experimental 10 Self-Modulating Loops Made Whilst Fasting, released on the label MirrorWorldMusic that he and friend Schneider TM run.

About the podcast: This podcast features a bunch of stuff from friends to people that time has forgotten…The weird and the wonderful. I allowed myself to add random stuff to and between some of the tracks, even creating new music especially for this podcast.

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