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Playlist 26/05/09

1. Gaby Hernandez Morning Glow [Armed Orphan]
2. RdL roah [P-Vine Test]
3. Medeski, Martin & Wood Padrecito [Indirecto Records]
4. Rupa & The April Fishes Maintenant [Cumbancha]
5. Esne Beltza Mohamed Ali vs Esne Beltza [test]
6. Zap Mama Non, Non, Non Featuring Vincent Cassel
7. Calypso Rose Calypso Blues [P-Vine test]
8. Jards Macale Farinha do Desprezo [Soul Jazz]
9. Nickodemus Didibina [ESL Music test]
10. Global Noize Quero Dancar [Shanachie]
11. Meanderthals Bugges Room [Smalltown Supersound]
12. Soulphiction Underground Railroad [Philpot]
13. DJ T. Rituality [Get Physical test]


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