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Playlist 23/05/09

1. Souleance Manana [First Word]
2. Mulata Astatke & The Heliocentrics Masenqo [Strut]
3. Beirut The Akara [Obey Your Brain]
4. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Alyo [Honest Jons]
5. The Soul Jazz Orchestra Kapital [Do Right!]
6. Jesus Acosta & The Professionals Guajida [Numero]
7. Quantic & His Combo Barbaro Arianita [Tru Thoughts]
8. Quantic & His Combo Barbaro Linda Morena [Tru Thoughts]
9. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Salsa Verde [Names You Can Trust]
10. Clara Morena Pourquoi (Nega Sem Sandalia) [Far Out]
11. Soulparlour The Outer Rims [Raw Fusion]
12. Anorak Edits Afro Disco [Anorak]
13. Los Charly's Orchestra Black Boy Lane [Imagenes]
14. Automats Guardian Angel (Shoes Crew Remix) [Plimsoll]

Some treats for ya, fresh vinyl and new bits from around the Globe.
easy then.... ;-)
Paul Gamblin aka Heavy Mannas


mat hoods said:
Bless ya paul ;)

how good is that new Los Charly's ep. Top stuff
Sezi B said:
Impressive, the boy done good! Inspiration for a sunny day in somerset.UK

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