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Playlist 16/05/09 - Minimaximal #5

1. Night Shift AC Slater [Nightshifters]
2. Shake It Hostage [Nightshifters]
3. Heather I'm Dry Dolby Anol [Tigerbass]
4. Working Overtime Luke's Anger [Tigerbass]
5. On The Floor G104 [Pharma]
6. Let Me In Siriusmo [Monkeytown]
7. Grizzly Funk Luke's Anger [Tigerbass]
8. March Of The Sultans Merdan Taplak [White]
9. War Luke's Anger [Tigerbass]
10. YTYR 2008 Instrumental Dub Kid 606 [Tigerbass]
11. Kill Soundboy Kill Kid 606 [Tigerbass]
12. Machine Terence Fixmer [Electric Deluxe]
13. Joking About Death Remute [Shooting Elvis]
14. Tonight Is Your Answer Abe Duque [Process Recordings]
15. The Bigger The Better Max Cavalerra [Broque]
16. Up The Beach Losoul [Playhouse]

Minimaximal #5 starts maxi with nightshifters and tigerbass tunes with a special turkish marching tune inserted for good measure. About half way through there's a noisy change over to the mnml side with recent tunes from Playhouse, Process, Electric Deluxe etc....

Definitely another one for cranking up the volume on.

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jo murray said:
NICE!!!!!! ;-)
DJ Delay said:
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As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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