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Playlist 1/05/09 with The Rhythm Roots Allstars, Orgone, etc

1. Skymark - Prelude to the Mizells [CDR]
2. Soundspecies - Mask [Burntprogress]
3. Floyd the Locsmif - Fuzzy Navel [In the Loop]
4. Computer Jay - Epiphany [Ramp]
5. Fulgeance - Smartbanging [One Handed]
6. Debruit, Om'Mas Keith & Woon - I'm Goin' Wit' You [RBMA]
7. J Todd - Ffield X [Platinum Soul]
8. Jesse Boykins III - Tabloid (Machine Drum Remix) [Circulations]
9. First Touch - Jelly's Drop [CDR]
10. GIGZ feat Melissa Boyce - God Bless the Child [Do Right]
11. Dwilt Sharpp feat Lorett Fleur - I Need You Close [Favorite]
12. Marsha Ambrosius - Impossible [CDR]
13. 45 feat Bulljun - Another Place? [Origami]
14. Nostalgia 77 feat the Fiction Trio - My Name Is [Tru Thoughts]
15. Lorenzo Tucci - Lilemor [Schema]
16. PE Hewitt Jazz Ensemble - I'm Wondering Why [Now Again]
17. De La Soul - Big Mouf [Nike]
19. Orgone - Cydelines [Orgone]
20. Rhythm Roots Allstars - JJD (Afrodisiac Soundsytem Remix) [Scion A/V]
21. Rhythm Roots Allstars - Son del Ayer [Search Party]
22. The Lions - Giving up Food for Jah [Ubiquity]
23. Ghostface Killah vs Rhythm Roots Allstars - Charlie Brown [Scion A/V]
25. Das Volt - Gestures (Toby Tobias Remix) [Late Night Audio]
26. Stefan Goldmann - Art of Sorrow [Victoriaville]
27. Feygin - Budva (Slum Dop Remix) [Diynamic]


Thanks to LA's Davey Chegwidden and Dan Hastie who dropped in to the studio while in Melbourne with their band The Rhythm Roots Allstars currently backing De La Soul. You may know other projects they have been involved in like Orgone, The Lions, Breakestra, Connie Price & The Keystones and more.

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