saca la mois DJ!! (a.k.a. Moses Iten) is a dancefloor-obsessed DJ

Playlist Saca la Mois DJ

1. Cumbianauts Incoming The Cumbia Cosmonauts
2. Lluvia DJ Negro
3. Cumbia Skank Los Hermanos Latinos
4. Zurita Back To The Punk Zurita
5. La Jungla DJ Lengua
6. El Botellon (Uproot Andy Remix) Grupo Naidy
7. bussabusscumbia ORO11
8. Shake Up Basement Jaxx
9. Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit Cumbias Machine aka Toy Selectah
10. Mi Camino DJ Lengua
11. Jungle Chichaton The Cumbia Cosmonauts
12. Con Tres Deseos Fantasma
13. Mara Tomaza El Hijo de la Cumbia
14. Anticumbia NIM feat. Maestroshao
15. La Pollera Rebaja The Cumbia Cosmonauts
16. Twist And Shout (Version) Chaka Demus and Pliers
17. Congo Jungle The Cumbia Cosmonauts
18. Cumbianauts Incoming (Minimal Disco Version) The Cumbia Cosmonauts

saca la mois DJ!! (a.k.a. Moses Iten) is a dancefloor-obsessed DJ, specialising in beats and the latest remixes sourced straight from producers in Buenos Aires, London, Sao Paulo, Paris etc. Tropical space cowboys The Cumbia Cosmonauts are his live and remix project produced together with Thomas "Soup" Campbell, who have growing cult following in Latin America and beyond. In Melbourne saca la mois DJ!! hosts a monthly event called Cumbiateque, and the radio show Alterlatino on 3ZZZ 92.3 FM. More info


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