DJ Delay beams out of Berlin....

Playlist 14/04/09 - DJ Delay vs Beam Up In Tokyo

1. Bee Bee (live) Beam Up [White]
2. Body Movin Acapella Beastie Boys [Mercury]
3. Upyarr (live) Beam Up [White]
4. Anthaul (live) Beam Up [White]
5. London International Observer [Different Drummer]
6. Shakedown (live) Beam Up [ White]
7. (pending) [Select Cuts]
8. Sur-la-tabla (live) Beam Up [White]
9. Wickedness Dub Mungos Hi-fi [Dubhead]
10. Giddyviddy (live) Beam Up [Soul Fire]
11. Rastaman Congo Natty [Congo Natty]
12. Beedie (live) Beam Up [White]
13. Casino Spring Heel Jack [Trade 2]
14. Strapped (live) Beam Up [White]

This episode delves back into a live set of DJ Delay versus one alter ego - Beam Up, at Sputnik Low in Tokyo - 2004. From hiphop Japanese schoolkid Beastie Boys bollywood mashup through dub, dancehall, techdub, drum & bass, jungle and back to afrodancehall!

You won't find this anywhere else, so let me know if you're interested in a higher quality vershun.

Forward the bass!


zygomatics said:

This a great mix and i would love to get hold of a better quality.
You can get in touch with me via my email:
Any chance of coming to the Netherlands this year?
thanks a lot and keep on spinning
DJ Delay said:
DJ Delay homepage !

As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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