Reggae and Deeper Roots music, dub wise and other wise with Brent Clough (aka Senor Bambu)

Playlist 11/04/09

1. Freddie McGregor - Rastaman Camp [Studio One 7]
3. Max Romeo - Beardman Feast [Island CD]
5. Desmond Young - Warning [Fe Me Time 7]
7. I Roy – Full Warning [Fe Me Time 7]
9. Caribs - Warning Version [Fe Me Time 7]
11. Mighty Diamonds – Mercy [Inna De Yard LP]
13. Mutabaruka – Every Time A Ear De Soun [High Times LP]
15. Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith - Every Time A Ear De Soun [Nature Sounds LP]
17. Johnny Osbourne – Almighty God [Summer Records CD]
19. Winston Francis – Let’s Go To Zion [Studio One 7]
21. Ken Parker and JC Lodge – God Is My Keeper [Jet Star CD]
23. Biblikal - Walk in Righteousness [Jet Star CD]
25. Dennis Brown - Emmanuel God is with Us [Emmanuel 7]
27. Mighty Diamonds – Let The Answer [Virgin LP]
29. Earl 16 – Gold Dust [Roots Garden LP]
31. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – Repentance [Narnack CD]

Special guest selector on Unity Sounds is JJ Roberts, founder of Soulmaker Sound System,

the original reggae sound in Australia founded in 1974.


Tom said:
Hmm.. when I try and play this stream on iTunes it doesn't do anything... ?
Rem said:
Won't Download or play
Rem said:
It's fixed. Track 17 is "Mankind" by ADRIAN MILLER.
Driver Dom said:
Hey Senor, Thanks for the address, the show is coming through fine, I'm listening now and it sounds great great great! And as for your sets in the Soulmaker Salute extravaganza, what an irieness of iritude you accomplished there ! Very very enjoyable mate, well done, keep the %50 - altogether a top evening all round wasn't it. Will catch you gradually eh. dd
ditto said:
$50 that is, private joke right ;-)

L-Static said:
Ah de biggest Freddie tune ever to start de show! ;)

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