Michael with a pure soulpatrol box and happy 70th birthday Marvin Gaye, 25 years in heaven now!

Playlist 3/04/09

soulsearching #573
2. Joyce Chegada [Far Out ]
3. Kia Bennett So Natural [Test]
4. Jermaine Jackson There's A Better Way [Motown]
5. Omar Ghana Emotion [Ether Records]
6. Lyman Woodard Organisation On Your Mind [Wax Poetics]
7. Prefuse 73 Oh Is It [Warp]
8. Prefuse 73 Four Reels Collide [Warp]
9. Dhafer Youssef Wind And Shadows [Jazzland]
10. Bing Ji Ling Home [Lovemonk]
11. Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu Magical World [Saehko]
12. Gregory Fleckner Quintet Oi Thats My Bird [Clear]
13. Martyn For Lost Relatives [Aus Music]
14. Phlash & Friends Jungle Orchidz [Archive]
15. Dodi Palese Glow/Dan Mela Remix [Compost Black Label]
17. Life's Opera CBS
18. Trouble Man Motown
19. I Want You / Intro Jam Tamla
20. I Want You/Danny Krivit Edit White
21. Mercy Mercy Me/Marc Rapson Edit White
22. Heavy Love Affair Motown
23. Turn On Some Music Acapella CBS
24. Far Cry Motown
25. T Plays It Cool Motown
26. You're The Man Part 1 Tamla
27. Ain't No Mountain High Enough BT Edits


such a great last weekend - brilliant performance, live gig by nachttierhaus playin their new album 6A2 out for the first time on stage at ENZO last saturday, then a legend, mulatu astatke out of ethiopia with the heliocentrics kicking off a new live.club series at sinkkasten frankfurt on monday. organized and presented by jan hagenkötter and myself. and with a start like this we are very much looking forward to the next dates. april 22, Us3, may 31, jimi tenor & kabu kabu, july 2, josé james. thanks to everyone involved and the audience.

so marvin gaye would have turned 70 this year if his father would not have him shot down 25 years ago on april 1st, 1984.
moodyman used radio bits and pieces from this day in one of his early kdj records, i went for a little tribute mix to one of the biggest
inspirations for this show. picked out some edits plus original recordings, heavy love affair is maybe one of THE tunes for spirng comin in...

first hour stuffed with a full freestyle flavour.

next week another soulpatrol box?

enjoy the music,



günter Erny said:
Hallo Michael,
ich liebe deine Show, die ich bis Nr 571 als Podcast regelmässig mit i-tunes über milkaudio abonniert habe.
Leider funktioniert das nicht mehr!
Vielleicht kannst du mal schauen.
Gruß Günter


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