Toshio Matsuura's Freestyle exclusives and jazzed out happenings from the Jap Jazz captain marvel.

Playlist 25/02/09

1. Eddy Meets Yannah Lil Dragon [test]
2. Liquid Spirits Stepney [Kindred Spirits]
3. Ingela Jansson In A Strong Womans SHoes [P-Vine test]
4. The Quiet Night Orchestra Chapeter One [P-Vine test]
5. Mocky Jiinty [wind bell test]
6. Unknown Taken [test]
7. Vikter Duplaix Make A Baby - Raga mix [BBE]
8. Joey Negro Man of The War [Z Records]
9. Lauren Garnier Gnanmankoudji [test]
10. Stonephace Five Miles HIgh [Tru Thoughts test]
11. Brazilian Groove Band Bananeira [Far Out test]
12. Shawn Lee The Stuff [Ubiquity test]
13. Omar S Hysteresis [FXHE]


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