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Playlist 16/02/09

1. Mayer Hawthorne and the Country - Things just ain’t gonna work out [ Stones Throw]
2. Cro-Magnon - Black Mahogani [ Jazzy Sport]
3. Arturo Capone - Waves (Max Essa remix) [ Bear Funk]
4. Pat Les Stache - African love music [ Cabana Disco]
5. DJ Rahaan - Use your Imagination [ KAT]
6. Me & You - How Can I Hold You When Your Body Keeps Moving [ Rebtuz]
7. Jaz - Give some love [ Sixty Five]
8. Woolfy vs. Projections - Writing on the walls [ Permanent Vacation]
9. Arturo Capone - Svolvaer [ Bear Funk]
10. House of House - Rushing to Paradise (walking these streets) [ whatever we want]
11. DZ - What You Won't Do For Love [ Slit Jockey]
12. Grant Green - Let The Music Take Your Mind (DJ Muro remix) [Mukatsuku Records]
13. Big Bee - Spiral Waltz (Indigo Jam Unit Remix) [ Mukatsuku Records]
14. America - Horse with no name (Dub psychedelic reconstruction by Leo Zero) [ LZD]

Lets get things moving again, back for 2009 (albeit a bit late) with a very special selection of tunes

Starting off the show the excellent Mayer Hawthorne with a slice of 1950’s soul leads us nicely into a cheeky Moodymann cover version by Japan’s Cro-Magnon

The first of the two tracks by Arturo Capone this week sees Max Essa on the remix duties, taking the track, ‘Waves’ and turning up the chug for maximum dance floor devience

Lots of re edits to get through this week too, Pat Les Stache reworks Gepy & Gepy's 1979 disco classic "African Love Song", into a wicked bit of funky guitar-licked, horn-blasted, disco-funk. DJ Rahaan takes on British funk legends Kokomo and Brighton's Me & You take Rick James to the next level

And a couple of massive tracks this week too. Whatever We Want Records, 600 copies only House to House. Proper epic 3am club tackle, its all about that breakdown at 6:42 and then those gospel keys! And the Balearic reworking of America’s Horse with no name by Leo Zero. Trust me, its immense

Enjoy the show!


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