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Playlist 6/02/09 with Batucada Sound Machine

1. J Period feat De La Soul - Excursions 2009 [CDR]
2. Eslam Jawaad feat De La Soul - Rewind DJ [Eslamaphobic]
3. B Bravo - Midnite [Frite Nite]
4. 1000 Names - Pum [Eklektik]
5. Spencer Doran - Wildcard [Easel]
6. Hudson Mohawke - Velvet Peel [Warp]
7. Elaquent - Final Boss (Grey) [Dirty Loops]
9. Righteous (aka Tadashi Yabe & DJ Quietstorm) - Midnight Muse [Mule]
10. 8ronix - Carnivora [Blockhead]
11. Bottom Rhythm Jam - Step [Basic]
12. Indigo Jam Unit - Time [Basic]
13. Indigo Jam Unit - Be (Instrumental) [Rambling]
14. 24 Carat - Moon at Noon [Jazzmin]
15. Gen Hosokawa Nice Groove Cool Jazz Unit - Yellow Temptation [Village]
16. Root Soul feat Vanessa Freeman - Spirit of Love (Mano Arriba Remix) [Extra Freedom]
17. Hotel New Tokyo - If You Want it First Time [Rose]
18. Towa Tei - Ch. Galaxy [Columbia Japan]
20. Batucada Sound Machine - Vai Chegar [Border]
22. Kafka - The Kafka Anthem [Mighty Highness]
23. Jose James - Velvet (Emanative's Eastern Orbit Rework) [CDR]
24. Emanative feat Liz Elensky - When on Earth (Marc Rapson Remix) [Futuristica]
25. Jazzanova feat Ben Westbeech - I Can See (Ye:Solar Remix) [CDR]
26. Alif Tree - Au Revoir [Compost]


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Mr Heavy Mannas said:
Hi K, how's tricks mate?
I'm not sure if it is just me, but I'm having real probs trackin' down vinyl at the moment. Our local store rarely gets the music I want. Do you know of any decent stores in Aus or overseas that stock the good-good?
cheers Sir
k.murda said:
b.bravo re-spin !

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