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Playlist 23/01/09 with Carl Craig

1. Innerzone Orchestra - Manufactured Memories [Talkin' Loud]
2. Psyche - Elements [Ten]
3. Psyche - Andromeda [Transmat]
4. Psyche - Neurotic Behaviour [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
5. 69 - Desire [Planet E]
6. Paper Clip People - Oscillator [Retroactive]
7. 69 - Ladies and Gentlemen [Planet E]
8. 69 - Microlovr [Planet E]
9. Carl Craig - At Les [Buzz]
10. Carl Craig - A Wonderful Life [Blanco y Negro]
11. Maurizio - Domina (C. Craig's Mind Mix) [Maurizio]
12. Ultramarine - Hooter (Carl Craig Remix v1.25) [Real Soon]
13. Carl Craig - Goodbye World [Planet E]
14. Incognito - Out of the Storm (C's Planet E Special Mix) [Talkin' Loud]
15. The Detroit Experiment - Highest [Ropeadope]
16. Zap Mama feat Erykah Badu - Bandy Bandy (Carl Craig Instrumental) [Giant Step]
17. Innerzone Orchestra - People Make the World Go Round [Planet E]
18. Carl Craig - Twilight (Live in Paris) [Planet E]
19. Carl Craig - Televised Green Smoke [Planet E]
20. The Connection Machine - Bitflower [Planet E]
21. David 'Fathead' Newman (RIP) - Shiloh [Atlantic]


His music has featured regularly on Stylin since the show started in 2001, including best of year appearances with his remixes of Zap Mama and Cesaria Evora, but I've been following Carl Craig's music from afar since I first heard 'Elements' in 1990. So it was great to catch up with Carl on his recent visit to Melbourne. When I started listening back to my favourite Carl Craig tunes from the last 20(!) years, I quickly realised that this special would fill the show. As it turned out I played all Carl's music except for The Connection Machine (from Carl's label) and one for jazz flautist/saxophonist David 'Fathead' Newman who passed away a few days before the show.

The interview can be heard over the tracks Neurotic Behaviour, Microlovr, Hooter, Goodbye World, Twilight and Televised Green Smoke. Carl promises the long awaited Tribe album will be out on Community Projects this year and will be followed by a project featuring blues musician Corey Harris. Then Carl's even threatening to work on another solo album, but is giving nothing away about the what or when.

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