Michael with Kiki in the soulsearching studio and Emanatives HEAVY spacebeat travels mix !

Playlist 21/01/09

soulsearching #567
2. Freddie Hubbard & Curtis Fuller & Yusef Lateef Chantized [TCB]
3. UFO The Planet Plan/Carl Craig Remix [Talkin Loud]
4. 1000 Names It Started As A Remix [Eklektik]
5. Common The Gladiator [Geffen]
6. Grant Green Let The Music Take Your Mind/Muro Remix [Mukatsuku]
7. Brass Construction Happy People/ThankYou Edit [Test]
8. Wbeeza He So Crazy [Third Ear]
9. The Fusion Experience Scaramunga [Buff]
KIKIs soulsearching studio late night session...
11. Dizzy Gillespie Manteca/Funky Lowlives Remix [Verve]
12. Alegre Allstars Manteca [Fania]
13. Jazzinvaders Love And Happiness [Social Beats]
14. JuJu Orchestra Take Four [AGoGo]
15. Trio Exklusiv Let Fat In [Klein]
16. Gum Drop Now I Rise [Altered Vibes]
17. Jorge Ben Onamorado Da Viuva/DJ Tadeu Edit [Whitelabel]
19. Emanative Spacebeat intro feat Kissey Asplund [Intro]
20. Ben Hadwen Interlune (for Motto) [N/A]
21. Emanative When On Earth feat Liz Elensky/Rapson Mix [Futuristica Music ]
22. Marvin Gaye Trouble Man [Motown ]
23. Emanative Turn Your Lights On/Instrumental Edit [Futuristica Music ]
24. David Durrah Space II [Tribe Records ]
25. José James Velvet/Emanative Eastern Orbit Re-Work [CD-R ]
26. Lonnie Liston Smith Desert Nights [Flying Dutchman ]
27. Emanative Wind, Sand And Stars feat Heidi Vogel [Futuristica Music ]
28. Emanative We Travel The Spacebeats [Futuristica Music ]
29. Jessica Lauren White Mountain [CD-R ]
30. Sun Ra Sleeping Beauty [Saturn Records ]
31. Jessica Lauren Ajua [M.E.L.T. 2000 ]
32. Alice Coltrane Hare Krishna (Excerpt) [Impulse! ]
33. Grey Reverend Wish 1 Interlude [Sugarcut Records ]


had a real good time last saturday at the ostbahnhof frankfurt sharing the decks with my friend kiki who joined me for this upcoming show in the soulsearching studio. actually he was just about to go to bed when i called him to come over with some records...nice one, kiki, thanks a lot. if you are in the area check out the clubdates and search for his name...he is one of the few djs who can create an atmosphere and builds it from there with timeless selections. cool.

also in the show this week: the HEAVY spacebeats travel mix by emanative. a few exclusives in there like the unreleased remix for josé james and two brandnew tunes forthcoming on the album for the brilliant futuristica label sometime this spring. . . a 1st class mix to let your ears go into space at the end of the show. so big thanks and a late happy birthday to nick emanative! marvins "troubleman" sounds really good in there as well ! choice !

well, what can i say - its my return to london this weekend after three years and i am really looking forward to playing plastic people finally - the club with the best sound system as they say. cheers to tony nwachukwu for the last minute booking, see you on friday 23rd! and one day later it the ww awards where i will be spinning a few tunes before jazzanova go live on stage for the first time ever. very curious. maybe they feel a bit like obama in a few hours. . . everyone has high expectations.

back next week with a jazz mix by matthias vogt. and a rewind of my london trip plus a preview : ENZO is back !

until then,

enjoy the music,


and ... ENZO "privat" will be back 31st january with more of the stuff that the 4 ENZOs love. watch out for Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit live february 13th. more in the plannings already.


Ii said:
Great show

but Track 16 is mistitled it's called -

GUM DROP - One Last Chance (from HI FALUTIN LP sampler, 2006)

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